Welcome to Al Lowe's Humor Site! You may know me as the creator of Leisure Suit Larry® and many other games during my 16 years with Sierra. My site doesn't have the most humor on the web, it merely has the best humor on the web! I see my job as your editor, weeding out the mundane, the kinda funny, the lame, and giving you only the very best! I post fewer than 1% of what I find — and pass the savings along to you!

And while you're here, enjoy my site. My goals are simple:


Celebrate that Replay Games has purchased the rights to all the Leisure Suit Larry games and plans to update them with current graphics, UI, voiceovers and music and make them playable on all modern platforms, including iOS, Android, PC and more!

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The "Leisure Suit Larry Collection" is still available from VU Games. To buy it from Amazon.com, click here.

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Share inside information about my Sierra games: Leisure Suit Larry®, Torin's Passage, and Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist


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What's Here?

Check out the Laughs section. There's a load of "free samples" from my perennially forthcoming book, You've Got Laughs! Al Lowe's Big Book of Internet Humor under the "Text" item. Plus audio and video laughs. And don't miss my Sight Gag browser - there are nearly 4,000 laughs on that one page alone!

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I created Leisure Suit Larry® and wrote adventure games for Sierra On-Line for 16 years. So there's lots of Leisure Suit Larry, Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist, and Torin's Passage inside information here. I've even posted some of my original game designs for you. Having problems getting an old game to run these days? Check out my Troubleshooting page, filled with helpful tips from other gamers who have already solved your problems and are willing to share their advice with you.


al-captain-hatIf you want free games, check out my Downloads page. There you'll find some of my earlier games that are no longer available anywhere else. And if you like anything you see here, you can help me pay for bandwidth or just buy me a coffee by visiting my Tip Jar.

And finally, there's a little something about me, including links to many interviews and interesting facts!

al-signatureBut whatever you do, don't leave without laughing!

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