Please tell me if you know of an interview that isn't listed here. I know I've done many more than this, I just don't remember with whom!

Matt Barton interviewed me via webcam in February 2010 for his 50th episode of Matt Chat. It's in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2.

The Armchair Adventurer's Robin Parker and I chatted for quite a while. Read "Damn, I wish I'd done a better job!" Actually, Robin, I thought you did quite well!
Early in 2010, Jason Surguine interviewed me for JayBot7 for a fun, lengthy feature on his site. You can also listen to the actual interview on his podcast. (In case that doesn't work, here's another copy.)
Bob Mackey interviewed me for Gamasutra (a site for game developers) in late 2009. Read "No Laughing Matter: Making Humor Work in Games"
I appeared on PlaySwitch's podcast with Chad Vance in November 2009.
Mark Langshaw interviewed me in October 2008 for his article on DigitalSpy in England called, "What became of the adventure game?" Interesting reading. He also spoke with Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman, two more names from the "good old days" of adventure gaming.
M!Games doesn't have a website (it's a paper-only publication; remember those?) but the text of Boris Kretzinger's interview is interesting.
Brendan Sinclair, News Editor of GameSpot.com, hosted me on "The Hotspot," their gaming podcast. But you can read part of interview in his article, "Gaming Has Immatured."
The Australian Pal Gaming Network interviewed me for a podcast in 2008. Here's the full podcast, or just my interview, or the interview in text, part 1 and part 2.
Phil Reed did an excellent interview with me for Noise To Signal in 2008. It includes some rare information about Sam Suede in Undercover Exposure, a game I worked on in 2005 that was never released.
Ronald Meeus wrote "Hey Baby, What's Your Sign?" for The Escapist and included quotes from an 
earlier interview with me plus first-hand experience with the early Leisure Suit Larry games.
John Walker interviewed me in early 2008 for Rock, Paper, Shotgun -- surely one of the most creatively-named web sites yet.

When I appeared at the Alt Party 2007 in Helsinki, Finland, I did many interviews with the local press, including this one for Hugi. It is in English.

And here's a video of an interview I did with the local university public television station.


Chris Kohler did an excellent history piece on Leisure Suit Larry for 1up.com called, "20 Years of Middle Age: Two Decades of Leisure Suit Larry."
"The Age of Videogames" not only interviewed me, they got video of Ken and Roberta Williams, too, for broadcast on the Discovery Channel.
Matt Hocking and Daniel Conderman run The Hock Show and did a long audio interview with me for their site. Here's the audio podcast. (If that's unavailable, here's a local copy.)
Greg Sewart hosts the Player One Podcast about games for gamers. We had a wonderful, hour-long chat on Episode 18 in February 2007.
Al appeared on the world's #1 podcast (at the time), This Week in Tech with Leo LaPorte, TWIT.com, May 14, 2006.
Philip Jong of Adventure Classic Gaming did an extensive interview with me in March 2006.
Social Crime interviewed me in April 2006.
Al appeared on G4 TV's Attack of the Show in August 2005 at the height of the GTA "hot coffee" mod controversy.
Travis Fahs's November, 2005 interview at Got-Next.com was fun to do.
The National Post ran this interview in September, 2004, just before the release of Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude.
Emily Morganti's feature article on AdventureGamers.com, Finding the Way Home is subtitled "A Sierra Junkie’s Journey Back to the Good Old Days." I think you'll enjoy it.
In early 2004, I was interviewed for Video Game Invasion: The History Of A Global Obsession, which aired on the Game Show Network in March, 2004. Jane Jensen and I discussed some of the original Sierra games. AGIgames.com was kind enough to let me use their nearly 4-minute excerpt from the show. Digital Video magazine did a feature article on the company behind the show, Beantown Productions.
The Inventory ran a long interview by Dimitris Manos with me in its December, 2003 issue. Note: It's in PDF format.
Any interview that begins, "Back when Lara Croft was still wearing a training bra..." has to be good. And Daniel Zelter's interview for the Jagged Team site is!

VIDEO! On April 18, 2002, I was interviewed by Leo LaPorte on TechTV's The Screen Savers! show. I think it was my best interview ever. See it and read more about it here.


Way back in 1993, Sierra produced its Annual Promotional Video, including an interview with me about the (then brand new) Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!

VIDEO! If you've never seen the interview I did for German television shortly after the release of LSL1: Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, it's not only funny, but has a great scene at the end where they put me in a hot tub with a pair of hot babes! This video was included in the Leisure Suit Larry collections. Al on German TV video 29MB

GameSpot's Marc Saltzman recently interviewed game designers and other industry notables for our opinions of "abandonware." Read my comments here.

Moby Games' Christian Schmidt interviewed me in January, 2001

Alexander Angeltveit's interview on his Al Lowe Fan Site.

Here's an interview that appeared in Verbosity magazine

A slightly strange yet interesting interview from Animation magazine.

This is, I believe, the earliest video interview of me in existance, done for a German television network in 1988 (although it's labeled as 1987).


Non-American Interviews (most in English!)

Here are some interviews that you probably wouldn't find if you're just out browsing the Web. I know I didn't!

LEVEL magazine's Fredrik Schaufelberger did this long interview with me, profusely illustrated, in Swedish. Enjoy!
In August 2008, Manic Magazine of Germany interviewed me. If you read German, here's a PDF of that magazine article.
Peter Claussen interviewed me for the web site G Wie Gorilla (which I hope is German for Nintendo Wii console gamer!) in March 2007. It's available in both English and German.
Spanish web site La Aventura es la Aventura interviewed me in 2004. Read the English translation.

Germany's Rebell.at game site has a recent interview with me by Thomas Schaffer. Read the English version here or the German version here.

I appeared on the Aventura y Cía site in 2004. Here's an English translation of the original Spanish interview.


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