Bodog runs a Football Fantasy Contest. Here’s one boy’s fantasy.

Bridgestone uses a Dog Love Story to sell tires.

After you finish making love is no time to tell her about your Best Feeling Ever!

An old lady and her stroller squeak as she enters a CalTex convenience store.

Canal Plus knows that Movies Are Made To Be Seen, Not Heard. Watch as someone gets the wrong impresssion about Brokeback Mountain.

Canal Plus knows: never underestimate The Power of a Great Story.

Watch as someone gets the wrong impresssion about March Of The Penguins.

Watch as someone gets the wrong impresssion about Versailles.

Canal Plus proves that Everyone Hates Commercials.

Canal Digital watches young love blossom before the TV, when Mom and Dad are gone.

When his girlfriend catches him in a bar, his buddies save the day. Captain Morgan

You might think being a Massage Therapist to models would be a Dream Job. But the grass is always greener…

Fleggard Shops are just Over The Border. I don’t know what they sell, but I love this ad!

Golfers love to hit on the Beer Cart Girl. Golf Pride Grips can help.

What better to sell plywood carriers than sex? Watch: “Gorilla Gripper.”

Heinz thinks what everyone needs is a Ketchup Delivery Boy.

This blond gets confused about the capabilities of her iPod Shuffle.

JBS Men’s Underwear knows Men Don’t Want to Look at Naked Men.

Kiwi Bacon is so good you just can’t Help Yourself.

Lansforsakringar knows that the New Prisoner is going to need life insurance.

This is not your father’s Old Spice ad! Watch: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.

Schick believes women should use their new lady razor to “Mow The Lawn.”

Stihl Power is Not Just For Professionals. What a wacker!

The Sun Herald proves why you need a good First Aid Kit.

T-Mobile took over a British train station for two minutes of dancing joy.

Somehow, I never thought Weinerschnitzel would try to sell hot dogs with sex. But then, why not? Everything else does, too! World's Most Wanted Weiner
Underdaks underwear explores what could happen with a Lost Wedding Ring
Terra may well make Nice Boots but they sure make nice commercials.
Piggs Peak Internet Casino proves that 4 Queens Beat A Straight
Does anyone know where New York Pizza runs this ad? It can't be broadcast! But it is funny. Damn F--kin' Tasty
MTV says, Only Real Idiots Drive Themselves Home

It may take you this whole ad to figure out what it's advertising. But it's a fun journey! Nailgun

This Retired Milkman really "does a body good!"

Manix Condoms wants to give your woman More Choice. You, on the other hand...

While you may not understand the voiceover, there's no missing the sentiment in this wonderful MacDonald's ad: Anything For Love

Hansaplast Condoms found a clever way to prove the pleasure its product can bring to a young mother in Momma Said I Could

How can you make something as mundane as an electric drill funny? DeWalt can! DeWalt, Power Drill

Canal Digital shows what happens when the wife brings a pair of Handcuffs to bed!

C & A answers the age-old question: What happens to all those Santa Letters

The British Columbia Lions want to convince you that You Belong In The Stands

How can Stihl make a Leaf Blower funny? They do.

When a blonde can't see her French fries, you know she's got a Nandos, Double-Breasted Burger

If Moses had owned an Iturnan GPS maybe they wouldn't have wandered for 40 years!

You've heard of The Butterfly Effect; here Nationwide Insurance proves it's real, making you laugh along the way.

Durex Condoms really Get It On.

Durex offers new Chocolate Condoms in an ad you'd never see in the U.S. Stay for the punchline.

Here's another: Cucumber Sandwiches

FedEx sponsors the FedEx Cup Golf Championship. Watch what happens to Mr Galaney's Office when he phones in sick.

And here they point out the downsides of Video Conferencing.

1st For Women only insures female drivers. See why in Female Insurance.

Four Seasons recommends that you never go camping without one of their Glow In The Dark Condoms.

Here are three British Goodyear ads (in one video) warning of the dangers of changing a tire Run On Flat.

Gorilla Gripper figured out a way to use sex to sell tools in Get My Hands On That.

HP uses nothing but common office objects to play music in Happiness Is A Tuned Office.

Trojan condoms created the Sex Olympics; here is the Precision Vault.

This one features the Ukranians.

And they want you to Be Sure before you get too far into something.

Verizon Wireless (Mexico?) asks don't you wish everything came with its 30-day Trial?

Keep your eye on the sign language women in this Isat ad for Sex TV.

Jack Link Jerky shows some guys Messin' With Sasquatch.

Stick with this ad; you won't believe how it turns out. Misunderstood

Look at how Bear Brand advertises its milk.

Blending Disney-look animation, cute animals, a forest fire and somber voiceover Air Vigorsol takes it a whole other direction!

WarmUP underfloor heating systems found a way to use humor to sell furnaces. Here's Cold Bastard!
I'm not sure what this is an ad for, but when this woman hears her vibrator turn on without her, the fun begins.
1Time Airlines of South Africa wants you to know they offer Extra Headroom.
Kims asks if you need to Spice Up Your Life? But don't do it the way this guy does!
If there's any place that needs a county fair, it's Los Angeles, if these three women are any indication.
Here's a perfect mock-umentary about how the men of Ravenstoke, Alaska changed their lives by aerial spraying their town with Axe cologne.
Bubblicious presents On The Beach. If only gum worked like this.
Bunker shoes shows why you shouldn't watch nature videos about bears mating when your girl friend is around.
McDonald's shows you the good that can come from taking your wife fishing.
Sometimes it's understandable why kids would want to Play with Cell Phones, when there's a naked woman involved.
Sure "Mom Said I Could." But did she know what she was agreeing to?
It starts like an ad for toilet bowl cleaner, but where it ends up is hilarious! Net Florist: Don't Forget!
How to get a soccer playmate, from Stratos candy bars.
Xenodrene offers you this X-Rated Body.
How not to behave in a Buffet Line, even in Las Vegas!
I love this ad from Microsoft for the Xbox360 although they got so many complaints about it that it only ran a few times. Stand Off
Even Windex found a way to make glass cleaning funny.
It will take you a while to figure out what's going on in this one. It's called What's Next? What Now?
Virgin Atlantic boldly demonstrates why it's better to have more room than less.

My very own Washington State Lottery used some brilliant humor in this Mailman 911 ad.

And in this ad, they urge you to Be Careful.

Telia sells cell phones by the she store. (Say that three times fast!)
Total Gas company has a way to help sleepy drivers.
Princess Cruise lines shows you what can happen when you do NOT "escape completely."
Here's another in Reebok's series of commercials featuring football player Terry Tate working as an office motivator.
The Sci Fi channel only needs 10 seconds of your time to astound you. Foldup SUV
Sealect Tuna shows why you need low fat tuna.
The Motorola Moto phone has video, but be careful when you answer it!
This ad for Nintendo's Game Boy Micro warns of its addictiveness. But you won't expect the punchline.
What's a sexy wedding night have to do with Nomad mobile phones "no committment, no contract" sales pitch.
Norwegian Airlines proves You Can't Always Trust What You See.
Montavit mineral water provides a moment of clarity in Damsel In Distress.
Milwaukee tool company's Cordless Drill may be powerful but this powerful?
Heinz Soup found a sexy way to sell their new two-minute soup.
Dolce Gabbana Sunglasses shows you what can happen if you buy the right pair of sunglasses.
Berlitz used a joke I sent out to CyberJoke 3000 years ago to prove their point: learning a foreign language can be useful.
Agfa's underwater camera can do a lot for a geek at the beach.

Ameriquest claims it won't judge too quickly. Neither should you. Nor should this poor airline passenger's family!

Or this hospitalized patient!

Or this convenience store clerk!

Don't miss "I'm Her Daddy!"

Spaghetti Cat

And Dog In A Park.

Avista found a great way to convince people to learn a foreign language.
You'll never guess where this garage encounter ends up. (Sexual content.) 1-Hour Optical

The new Makita one minute coffeemaker gives you time for other pursuits!

Not even a yellow sports car is going to get this guy laid: Dish Network Corvette

What could be funnier than shopping with a real estate agent for a new apartment to fit your "special needs?"

This is a perfect tribute to the Old West and gunfighters and their Underwear.

Got Milk? is a wonderful series of ads. Here's my favorite: Milk

PokerRoom.Com struck gold with two babes fighting over the same man: Wine Opener

Be careful who you give you last Rolo to! Rolo Movie

Sinaf Life Insurance shows you how even after death you can be a Good Fellow.

StationeryIsBad.com truly fills the frame with funny. Watch the "other" characters in these ads. There's more to them than just the foreground.

Stationery Is Bad 1

Stationery Is Bad 2

Stationery Is Bad 3

Telia cellular takes us on a wonderful, eye-opening visit to Anna's Boutique.

Volvic water gives us their version of how The Wheel was invented.

Watch Blaupunkt have fun with Stuffed Animals!

CalTex goes out of their way for customer service when trying to fix this little old lady's Squeek.

This Mexican restaurant gives us this heartburning story of a pregnant woman who's had too much to eat: Jamocas

This five-minute short film was used by American Express to sell credit cards, but it's perfect Seinfeld anyway. Seinfeld And Superman.
This ad proves that Milwaukee sells a really Powerful Drill.
You'll never believe this is an ad for the L. A. Film Festival. When do you tell a buddy?
This ad make me wish the USA allowed cigar ads. Especially cigar ads built around female nudity! Independence Cigars, Rolled With Love. (Caution: not brief nudity at all!)

Ikea knows when you get this hard up, you Need Something New.

Ikea's European ads are far funnier than their USA ads. This series of ads will make even the sloppiest mother want to Tidy Up:

Tidy Up 1

Tidy Up 2

Tidy Up 3

In Time To Leave Home they ask, "Is it time to move out of your parents' home?"

Ikea would never show this one in the U. S.: Need A New Bed?

And don't miss this IKEA mattress ad!

Visual Opticians encourages regular eye checkups by dramatizing one of my favorite saxophone player jokes, "In Your Bari."
Statoil sells hot coffee with a Frozen Car.
Shop Online demonstrates the terror of actually leaving your computer just to do a little shopping.
Axe knows what sells shower jell. Naked Aerobics Class. Caution: nudity.
According to Erik Elgerot, Lansforsakringar is a Swedish bank and insurance company. Check out: New Inmate.
DeWalt displays impressive power while encouraging Power Tool Safety with this construction site crack-up!
I guarantee you won't know what this ad is selling when it starts, but you'll understand it perfectly when it finishes. Is the name alone enough to make you want to see what they're selling? Grocery store tantrum
The AA paper company transforms a plain old office copier into something to behold.
Reebok used Terry Tate to great advantage as Office Linebacker.

Amstrad came up with a wonderful way to sell videophones. Good Pair (not so brief nudity)

And I thought only Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards featured fruit-flavored "lubbers." And here's still another: Fruit Flavored!

Don't spend your life in "Tub Prison!"

This is absolutely the funniest life insurance ad I've ever seen. Of course, it's also the only funny life insurance ad I've ever seen

Who would think of using Lassie to sell home security systems?

Here's another home security system ad, this time with a pair of pets.
I'm not sure if CellC is a good cellular company or not, but watch this ad and, by comparison, your day won't be so bad.

Be careful when you jump to conclusions. Concrete Truck Driver's Wife

Who knew CitiBank had a sense of humor?

Think it's about time for you to Get in Shape?

In one way, this ad was ineffective; after watching it I found myself thinking about something other than leather coats. Danier Leather

Fox Sports on boats.

And one about leaf blowers.

I thought at first that this was an ad for power tools, but no. It's for Fox Sports.

And here's another great Fox Sports ad.

Fox Sports Espanol knows Why Women Hate Sports.

And finally, a heartwarming story of a man with incredibly Capable Feet.

Women's Health magazine? Funny? Well, yes. Watch In the Waiting Room.

How about a PSA (public service announcement) with a mesage? Glove of Love
Every guy loves a good lingerie ad! Here's one with a twist. Cachemir Lingerie
This may be the funniest computer game advertisement yet: Cossacks
Red Bull provides power to anyone. Even a Porn Star.
Here's a simple premise: Asian girls do it best. (Not R-rated; it's just your mind!)
Everyone loves dogs. (Almost) Everyone loves soccer. Put them together and you get: World Cup 2002
In Great Britain, even the Yellow Pages have a sense of humor. Aquarium
Everyone hates a falling elevator... except her! Falling Elevator
In a strange hotel? Lonely? Call: Paradise Escort Service

Why doesn't Panasonic run Strip Tease ads in America?

They sell their Viera plasma TV with an interesting nature twist.

Mikado uses sex and humor to sell... Copy machines?!
According to Erik Elgerot, Ekstrabladet is a Norwegian newspaper with more uses than just reading! Sauna Voyeur (R-rated, but musically tasteful)
Rolo candy wants you to remember: Elephants Don't Forget
One of the funniest MacDonald's ads I've ever seen. Aquarium Conductor
ClickAJob.com wanted everyone to Get The Job Of Your Dreams
Umbrio even figured out how to use sex to sell balls. Soccer Player
I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being treated like this by airport security. Underdaks
Nike took a lot of heat for this ad from woman's libbers, but I thought it was a great parody of a classic horror movie--with a twist. Chainsaw Escape

Japp are chocolates with caramel filling and their ads have a great star. Here's The Jogger.

And At the Carnival.

You've just got to laugh at the Iraqi Olympic Diving Trials.
Hewlitt Packard's Mars Rover.
Three men, three urinals. Perfect set up for humor. Hold My Beer?

Even Ford has creative ideas--when advertising in Europe! Ford's Sport KA Bird

And Ford's Sport KA Cat

Two cops make some Bold Moves with Ford's new Shelby GT. Larger version in MOV format.

America doesn't get to watch tobacco ads, but that doesn't mean the rest of the world doesn't get some good laughs. Watch Hamlet Cigars' Blind Date.

Doesn't everyone love to watch a Ferrari driver get his just rewards?

Levi's knows how to combine sex with humor: Railroad Ad

And more sex: Blind Man

Even the wrong Levi's look great over this bikini: Levi's Beach

This British ad from Levi's mixes a chase scene, sex, and humor -- all in a restroom.

And an ad with a great punchline. Be sure you stay all the way to the end of this one!: Levi's Blueprint For The Future

Smirnoff's vodka Dolphin Trainer ad has nothing to do with drinking but it made me smile!

I just can't get enough of giant sperm, can you? Condom ad

I don't know what EDS is selling (or smoking!), but I sure laughed at their Running with the Squirrels ad for, uh, I don't exactly know what.

Who knows or cares what they're pitching? Suki Says is funny!

And here's a real classic of the dot.bomb period: Cat Herding

Remember the dot-com boom? When any ad was a "go" as long as you got attention? eTrade's ads were great: Mr. Chappy

FedEx can be funny, too: Wrong Springs.

And here they spoof the role their company played in the movie Castaway.

We've all done this, but probably not with this result! Copier Fun

Your assignment: make breast cancer funny. Let Cam Exam does it!

When Pacific Bell's DSL wanted to fight cable modems, they invented the Laurel Lane neighborhood.

Then they released a sequel: an interview with The Neighborhood Mailman.

But the funniest may well be their Laurel Lane parody of Cops.

The TDA Advertising agency entered a contest at AdCritic's web site and produced a screamer: We Don't Bill You For Our Hookers.

The Smart Beeper folks went way out on a tangent to come up with this one: The Blind Date.

Who knew dialing could bring such pleasure? Watch this Motorola ad and find out.

And what about saving your buddy... via text messaging?

A few years ago, right after the movie Seven came out, the MTV Movie Awards got William Shatner to do this wonderful parody.

I'll buy you lunch if you figure out where this one is heading. Repeater.

You'll never see an airlines ad like this in the U.S. Too bad.

Enjoy the perils of working at home with this Sony laptop ad.

I don't think this is selling anything; at least, if it is, I can't tell what it is! It says it's an "anti-boredom campaign." It succeeds. I bet you laugh! Steering wheels.

Everybody loves soccer but this guy is something else! Football Fan

Be sure you watch this ad for British Telecom's Comviq Cellular. (brief nudity)

Who says power tools can't be funny? Watch this ad for DeWalt.

Who says women can park?

A fake ad for the those times in a man's life when he's just got to get away. Lady Sitters

Why Men Don't Ask Directions by the California Map & Travel Center.

Remember when the dot-com's pissed away money like it was water? Here are three great examples of exactly that courtesy of Outpost.com:

Gerbil Cannon

Tattooing babies!

And the Super Bowl instant classic, Marching Band Wolf Attack (that strikes near and dear to my former band-director heart).

Hate those Mac "I Switched..." commercials? You'll love these: 

"Please Let Me Switch" about how Macs don't work.

And a fun parody about how much fun it is to be a Mac gamer.

Did Chipshot.com see the Heineken ad (see my "Beer Ads" page) and then do their own? Another look at the dangers of playing golf!

Enron Party! One of the best commercials of the Christmas 2002 season. I thought this was a parody the first time I saw it. (And I think I'm right!)

Who would have thought the Georgia state lottery had such a sense of humor. Meet Leisure Suit Larry's Aunt starring in, "Jackpot!" (from StupidVideos.com.

Who could make a salmon advertisement funny? These guys! Watch this and not smile--I dare ya!

Here's a fun parody of those "Mastercard? Priceless!" ads that is actually an enactment of a CyberJoke 3000™ joke from a couple of years ago. Coincidence? You be the judge!

And watch MasterCard spoof themselves with this MasterCard Star Wars ad.

And my personal favorite Priceless ad of all time: The Music Store.

Europe's advertising is often racier than America's. Here's an ad for La Creme that will make you look twice!

Even Microsoft's ads are more fun in Europe. This ad ran on Swiss TV for a few days--until Microsoft U. S. found out about it.

And here's another short-lived Microsoft ad that gained quite a bit of notoriety when the X-box was introduced. Play More!

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