Birra Moretti make Zero beer with no alcohol. Watch how this drunk uses it to watch TV.

Rolling Rock says “Remember Your Cup.”

Tiger Beer turns a simple competition into a work of art. Watch: “Enjoy Winning.”

Evidently WKD is an alcoholic beverage. Here's what one guy's Roommates do when they find out he's bringing his girlfriend to their apartment.

Oreilly's Pub says, Life Sucks--Have a Pint

And here's another reason Life sucks. Have a pint of O'Reilly's Pub.

Victoria Beer turns bottle-blowing into fine art with Victoria Beer, Orchestra

Max Beer claims that it's The Beer With Head. And proves it.

Amstal Beer presents "A gift to the ladies" in this wonderful ad!

Tui Beer proves why it's good to have beautiful female employees only make their beer!
I've never heard of Green King IPA beer, but after seeing this ad called Cheating Death, I'd like to try it.
Carlton Beer has devised the perfect male getaway: The Shed.
This Bergenbier ad would make any guy swear to drink responsibly.

Miller wonders about the Things We Do For Beer.

This Miller Lite ad is a classic, worthy of a place in the all-time Beer Ad Hall of Fame: Kitana Bake And Tonya Ballinger

This one may well convince you to eat the Yellow Snow.

Troegs beer claims to be All Natural and in a way that will surprise you.

Once you watch this ad, I promise you'll use this phrase: Wear The Fox Hat

Here's a beer ad from Foster's that is sure to grab your attention! Male Foreplay

Eichhof recalls a forgotten hero, Rube Goldberg (Google him if you're unaware) in Never Take The Last Beer.

Hahn Beer teases us poolside with beautiful women then drops a bombshell.

Hahn says, "Some drink it because they're responsible..." but this guy has other reasons. Hahn Lite Poolside

Leave it to a beer company to make a commercial illustrating a sight gag: How To Ruin a Romantic Evening

Make sure you're ordering German beer: BierBitsch

Always time to watch one more funny beer ad, right? Tooheys Beer

Like beer? You've got to like Beer.com's The Future of the Internet.

I laughed out loud at this Carling beer ad.

Keystone Light beer is "always smooth, even when you aren't." Handsfree

Heineken shows why The Reason For Cold Beer.

How could His and Her Walk In Closets be funny? Here’s how.

Heineken shows why you may want to shovel snow inside your house on Deck The Halls.

Heinekin and Golf Isn't that enough to know?

And they way they use Jennifer Aniston in Typical Male is anything but typical.

Isenbeck combines the 80's song, "Footloose," with male ballet dancers to great effect in Ballet Class.

This ad for IRN-BRU, the best selling cola in Scotland (which tastes like orange soda mixed with bubble gum, according to Patrick Regan Davis), is unlike any ad you've ever seen. It takes place in a delivery room.

Molson Beer: I am Canadian

Molson beer. What to Drink When You're Chasing Beaver. What more do you need to know?

Tuborg beer. Beer Goggles Do you really need more information? Watch it!
Finally! An honest beer ad. Even if it is a spoof.
Brahma Beer works a little voodoo to show you the power of beer.

Watch how Guinness shows the evolution of man through beer drinking.

Guinness Beer knows what sells: a naked woman with a bottle of beer balanced on her back. But can they also make you laugh? Yep. Guinness, Share With A Friend

Budweiser ads are consistently entertaining.

Budweiser's I Need To Run shows real motivation.

The Cooler

The Farmer's Daughter

The Blonde and The Genie

American Indians

Clydesdale Streaker

Frogs and Alligator

Wazzup Parrots

Here's some impressive CG: Card Section

Clydesdale Snowfight

Customers in Charge

Referee Training

Here's a case of mistaken identity in Strange Blonde

Invisible Fence

Why Dogs Should Ride in the Back Seat

Referee Training

And the wonderful Budweiser "wazzup" frogs:

Alien Wazzup

Frogs 1

Frogs 2

Frogs 3

Frogs 4

Frogs 5

I have a soft spot for the Bud Light commercials. Enjoy!

Bud Light asks, “Do you get it in the Can?

A Brass Pole is not always about pole dancing.

Sexy girl, Talking Chimp. What’s not to like?

An Office Clothing Drive gives away a Bud Light for every piece of clothing you donate.

Bud Light proves that It’s All About The Lure.

Enter your girl friend’s dog in the Frisbee catching contest? What could possibly go wrong?

What happens when a Mini-Fridge goes up against a powerfully-armed robot?

Bud Light spoofs Survivor with its own reality show, Stranded.

A sexy phone call at work and the evening’s fun begins. Stranger.

The room is clean… but The Maid Is Dirty.

A blind date begins by meeting her Twin Brother.

Why wait for a slow marriage ceremony. Hire the Wedding Auctioneer instead.

Alien Fishing

Elevator Man

The Ocean Is Talking



Fighting Cockatoo

Grizzly Bear

At the Mall

The Fighting Cuckatoo

Good Dog

The Bud Light Institute

Skinny Dipping


The Cheese Deli

Marriage Success

The Swear Jar

Bud Light sets a romantic mood, until you start laughing: Rocket Sled

Is even a Bud Light worth a Blind Date with a brother like this?

Cedric offers advice on how to pick up chicks: Cedric Pickup Advice

Bud Light invents the Steaming Coffee Cup just so you can party harder.

Bud Light cautions against falling asleep on the beach in Sunburn.

Bud Light's best

Dance With Me proves there's nothing a guy won't go through for a beer!

Man's best friend: Shaggy Dog

Dog Buddies.

And my favorites from the Real Men of Genius series of ads:

Mr. Silent Killer Gas Passer and Mr Really Really Really Bad Dancer

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