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The Stuff

Robert Vaughn Rayburn got the giggles reading this article about "Felching." You will too!
Roy D. Mercer is one of my favorite crank callers. Listen as he discusses the trouble his "Horny Hound" got into when his dachshund got into his Viagra.
A sweet little Irish girl calls a demolition company to destroy her school.

Bud Light Real Men of Genius

I believe I now have every one of the Bud Light Real Men of Genius radio ads. Check 'em out!

Still New (if you haven't heard 'em)

Wanda Sykes is one funny woman! Listen here as she crank calls a hardware store telling them that her kids glued her to the toilet seat.

Here's another to a car repair shop complaining about "a little something" the mechanic dropped in her back seat.

Here she calls to a prison requesting a conjugal visit!

Here's an unusual police call from a man being "held hostage" in the back seat of a car.
On the outside chance that you've never heard it, here is one of the world's most famous comedy routines: Abbott and Costello's famous "Who's on First." Don't skip this one!

Tired of hearing "You've Got Mail?" Try America Inline.

Dickens Cider -- say it slowly...and often! Here one Dickens Cider ad, and here's another.

Here's a Christmas tribute to the power ballad: Oh, Holy Night. Warning: absolutely terrifying!

If you've heard GM's ads for "OnStar," you'll enjoy this parody: BlondeStar.

While this DJ thought he was playing a practical joke on this wife, but stay with it: there's a surprise ending: Your husband is fired

This is an (allegedly) actual voicemail from a Jack in the Box operations manager who called his boss while driving to tell him he was running late for their meeting. As he left his message, he witnessed an accident and then provided "play-by-play coverage" of the ensuing incident. It supposedly was passed along so many times within Jack in the Box's offices that it crashed their voicemail server. Auto Accident Voicemail

Roy D. Mercer calls the local Marine recruiter with a problem about his son's Dead Hampster, Liberace.

And here Roy tackles the local chiropractor.

Ned, from The Bubba the Love Sponge Show, calls the Post Office with some "concerns" about the new Malcolm X Stamp.

"Ned" is a sidekick to Tampa area D. J., Bubba the Love Sponge. He's one truly funny guy. He's just a little too interested in the new Gay and Lesbian cable channel!?

Radio DJ crank calls can be funny. Here's a great one where a woman falls for a Vibrator Recall Notice.

All Vince asked was to "cancel my AOL account." Little did he know he would become famous. (And get this AOL rep fired!)
Tom Mabe keeps a recorder by his phone, just in case a telemarketer calls. Listen to this guy spin his way deeper and deeper!

Are you shy? Try Tequila!

Think your pizza delivery place is rude? Just listen to this guy. (Much bleeping)

Joe hits a mofo deer. Joe calls 911. Joe curses a lot. And then the plot takes an hilarious twist. (Much bleeping)

Here's a prank call that starts out quite offensive but turns out well in the end. Child Support

Jack Sheldon is a great jazz trumpet player and singer. Here's his song, It's A Jazz Musician's Christmas.

And while we're on Christmas and trumpet players, here's the high note trumpet players' salute to Christmas: Oh, Come All Ye Screechers!

And here's another DJ crank call to a (has to be blonde) young lady about car repairs... at the request of her father!

From Bowser and Blue, who bill themselves as "Canada's Musical Comedy Same Sex Couple," comes Hail the ColoRectal Surgeon!

Beer.com made some great commercials. Here's one that made me laugh: Free Beer Mail!

WNOR, 98.7 FM, a radio station in Virginia Beach, VA made a CD a few years ago that included this: Donald Duck receiving oral sex.

Here's an AOL ad for anyone who used to be on AOL!

How about Charleton Heston starring in Windows 95, the movie, a parody of the old movie, "Airport 75"?

What could be better than Windows 95, the beer?

Hear Leisure Suit Larry himself tell a half-dozen jokes via RealAudio.

Hear what happens when someone fools around with an airport's paging service.

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