Here are a few links I can recommend to you.

Be sure to also check my Leisure Suit Larry Links page!

This site is hosted by 1and1.com. I've been quite satisfied with them, especially after going through many other hosting services. If you want your site to "just be there" with no hassle or headache on your part, try 1and1!

Eden from Accentuate IT donated alot of time and effort to rebuild my website and has done a fantastic job, he can pretty much do anything web-wise you need as well as mobile applications too! Check out his business: Accentuate I.T.


There are very few websites that I can say have truly changed my life, but NetFlix.com has. I'm proud to say that I was one of their very first subscribers. Since I started renting DVDs from them several years ago, I never go to Blockbuster any more! And what a deal: All the DVDs you can watch for less than 20 bucks a month! You always have something to watch, there's no trip to the video store, no picked-over shelves, no race to return it. And selection? They have everything. Try them! Check out Netflix Now!

I use RoboForm every single day. It remembers your passwords and it fills out web forms with a single click. Plus, it's free! Download it here.

RoboForm: Learn more...

I think the Internet Movie Database knows everything about every movie ever made. If you're a movie buff, or just want to settle an argument, you'll love it.

Humorous stories, MP3's and shocking photos from the warped mind of Larry Graves.

Grave Times

Dominic North's website, www.alzmedia.com, is a lot like my site. I bet you'll like it, too!

Dave Ahl's On-Line Carnival is a humor site (among other things) run by another old-timer of the computer game biz. Dave was with Creative Computing, Video & Arcade Games, Basic Computer Games back in the 80's. His site has tons of fun stuff to explore.

And if you love adventure games, be sure to check out Howard Sherman's Malinche Text Adventure Games.

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