Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist
                               Points List
   ACT I
         1  Take whisky glass.
         1  Take magic elixer.
         1  Take ice pick.
         1  Take church key.
         1  Take wax.
         1  Take can.
         1  Take paper bag.
         1  Take ladder.
         5  Use ice pick on can.
       500  Unlock pharmacy's door.
         1  Take tube of preparation G.
         1  Take gunslinging outfit.
         1  Take desk key.
         1  Take claim ticket.
         1  Take letter.
         5  use elixer on alchol lamp.
        10  Give Tyloxpolynide.
        10  Give Quinotrazate tabs.
        10  Use whiskey glass on prescription.
         7  Show prescription to doctor.
         5  Show claim check to barber.
        10  Give Esrtrosterane.
         3  Give prep G.
         1  Take leather strap.
         1  Take rope.
         1  Take charcoal.
         3  Put charcoal in tin can.
         5  Use leather strap on can.
        12  Wear gas mask.
         6  Take gas sample (use paper bag on horse).
        10  Burn gas sample.
         5  Make medicine.
        20  Put medicine in water trough.
         2  Make lasso from rope.
         5  Buy beer.
         2  Use churche's key on beer.
         1  Take snail.
        16  Use beer on snails.
        10  Use ladder on anthill.
         1  Sample water.
         1  Give snail to waitress (Helen Back, Mom).
         1  Drink water.
         1  Take sacks of baking soda.
         2  Put ladder on water tank's base.
         4  Put ladder on water tank.
         5  Throw lasso on tank's top.
        10  Put medicine in tank..
         2  Use backing soda on swing.
         5  Jump to roof.
        12  Jump to swing.
         1  Take postcards.
         1  Take horse plop,
         1  Take coffee.
         5  Give postcards to barber.
         9  Drop horse plop in mom's cafe.
         1  Take pie.
         1  Take shovel.
         2  Dig grave.
         1  Take clay.
         5  Jump in grave.
         1  Give key to banker.
         1  Take pistols.
         3  Take neckerchief.
         4  Give coffee to sheriff.
         4  Give pie to sheriff.
         5  Clean gun.
      5+5+5 Shoot.
         2  Use wax on Whittlim' Willy (the storry teller).
         1  Take knife.
         1  Take meddal.
       (+1) Take letter.
        20  Make ear.
         1  Walk to room (get dressed).
        10  Catch hand.
        20  Hit lamp (shoot bar).
         5  Put Nitrous Oxide canister on rail.
        20  Shoot canister.
        20  Fight.
         5  Take neckerchief.
        10  Use neckerchief on ear.
        10  Take slate.
         1  Take ear.
        10  Use ear on ground.
        10  Use ear on chair.
         1  Take sword.
        35  Win swors fight.
        35  Throw ear on man.
      1000  Total, out of 999 possible

This file written by Avi Machness

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