I've been a musician all my life, played professionally since I was 13 (or at least "I played and got paid!"), have two college degrees in music, and taught music for fifteen years, so you could say that music has always been important to me. Therefore, I suppose it's not surprising that the music in my games is not typical game music.

If you enjoy the Leisure Suit Larry games' music, check out my Music Downloads page. You'll have your pick of nearly every song from every Larry game.

My Sound Effects page lists just a few of my favorites, including the legendary "Where's Dildo" plus an a capella example from the infamous Peggy of Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail!

If you're interested, you can read the inside story about The Creation of the Larry theme song.

And don't miss Andy Thorley's free music with MP3s of his versions of the best songs from all the Larry games, "Music of Larry 4!"

Download the Larry theme sheet music. But only if you promise that you'll practice it!

And just in case you don't know the words to the Larry theme (which is not surprising since no one wrote any until recently), here are the words that Alex Scobell and William Miracle wrote. Now you can sing along!

Leisure Suit Larry Theme

Music © 1987 by Al Lowe
Lyrics by Alex Scobell and William Miracle

Leisure Suit Larry, the guy tries his best,
Picking up ladies to gain him some sex,
But it all ends in hilarity when it turns out that girl is a guy.
Leisure Suit Larry, the leisure suit guy,
Leisure Suit Larry, he's gonna die,
In several improbable ways that never happen in real life.

This is the middle part also called a solo
Except the entire song is instrumental,
At least it was before we sang over it,
Now for the next verse.

Leisure Suit Larry, he sure dies a lot,
But it's OK, it relates to the plot.
So, click restart you sissy boy and get all the questions right.
Get all the questions right,
Get all the questions right,
And get Larry laid quick.
Larry wants some
Sex right now.

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