NEW! VU Games released a new Leisure Suit Larry Collection in October 2006. After years of keeping my games locked in their basement, they are available legally again! And for only $20!

The new collection, which VU cleverly entitled "Leisure Suit Larry Collection," contains almost all my Larry games. The "almost" is the bad news. (See below for more details.) The good news is: they include DOSbox in the package so the games will run on Windows XP.

The 2006 "Leisure Suit Larry Collection" is available from Amazon.com for $15! Click here and get 5 games that I poured my heart and soul into for less than a latte each!

A Little Background

In 1987, the first Larry game took up two whole 360K floppies and sold for $40. LSL2 was $50, LSL3 was $60, then LSL5 started the trend back down at only $50, and LSL6 continued it at $40. So, had you bought the first 5 games back around 1990, they would have totalled $240! In 1994, Sierra sold them all on two CDs for $40! Now, VU Games is selling them for under $20.

This new collection from VU Games is at least the fourth U.S. Leisure Suit Larry compilation. Here are the differences between the collections:

The first collection, “LSL’s Hits and Misses!” came on 1 CD that held all the games up to and including the non-talkie version of LSL6.
The second collection, “The Complete LSL” added a second disk (containing the "talkie" version of LSL6) to the above package. It was the only collection that contains The Official Book of LSL, a 300-page Perfectbind book.
The third collection, “LSL’s Ultimate Pleasure Pack” remains the most complete, adding LSL7 and Larry’s Casino, while dropping the book. You can still find it on Amazon here.
There was also at least one non-U.S. collection, “Leisure Suit Larry: 1-2-3-5-6: Collector’s Edition” (which appears to be the same as “LSL’s Hits and Misses!”). Thanks to Jeroen Dekker, Thomas Lacher, Pervish Harnam, Joseph LaRock, and everyone else who sent me images of this one!

Thanks, too, to Jan Złotnicki, who sent this cover from the Polish Larry Collection that was issued in 2001 and seems much like LSL Greatest Hits and Misses. It contains the first games 1,2,3,5, and a silent 6, plus the VGA remake of LSL 1. All the games are thoroughly translated into Polish.

If you know of other collections, please tell me!

In October 2006, VU Games released the "Leisure Suit Larry Collection," a partial collection on one CD-ROM. You can find it on Amazon here.

Errors and Omissions

LSL7 is not in the collection.

VU’s new “Leisure Suit Larry Collection” omits:

  • the original, EGA version of LSL1: Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards
  • the "talkie" version Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!
  • and, certainly not least, anything of Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail!

I can only explain some of this. I must assume that 6 and 7 were omitted to keep the costs down; after all, the entire collection is only $20 list or $13 street price and those games require 1 CD each. Yet it's not a complete collection without those 3 games. And the EGA LSL1 takes up less than 1 MB! (Yes, smaller than a cell phone photo!)

A marketing person from VU Games told me that they did not include LSL7 because of a 5-second-long Easter egg that we included as a "reward" in case anyone scored all 1,000 points and found all 32 collectibles. Even though I told him it was easy to prevent it from ever appearing and even told him how to fix it, they were afraid that the ESRB would somehow find out that it was still in the compiled game files and give the entire collection an AO rating. (Or whatever rating the ESRB gives for 5 seconds of cartoon nudity seen by less than 0.001% of the people who play the game!). <sigh>

On the other hand, the new collection does include DOSbox, an Open Source utility that makes the games run well on modern Windows XP computers.

Oh, well. At least the games are available legally again. And at $3 each, the price is right. Click "Leisure Suit Larry Collection" to order it from Amazon.com.

Ultimate Pleasure Pack

In my opinion, Leisure Suit Larry's Ultimate Pleasure Pack is the real Larry compilation. If you can find a copy of it anywhere, buy it -- because they're now extremely scarce. Even on eBay, they sell for over $100! UPP contains all the Larry games and is the complete collection.

For a while, you could order it from Amazon.com. One ad there showed copies for $250! I've heard from some fans who have found copies on eBay, but they're expensive, too. One used copy went for $150.


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