What if Cialis actually worked for 36 hours?!
Abbott & Costello were so funny. Here they tackle Union Loafers.
I love the collections of America’s Funniest Home Videos on various topics. Here’s their look at Golf. And here’s their third (at least!) Cats Compilation.
Animal Planet found one really smart parrot, Einstein. This must be the smartest one ever!
Here’s a 10-second video showing yet Another Reason To Quit Drinking.
Billy Connolly’s Colonoscopy stand-up routine.
Candid Camera could never get away with this in the U.S. Watch the Topless Dental Hygienist. (Caution: frontal nudity.) This coffee shop worker would be my Employee Of The Month. (Caution: frontal nudity.)
Carol Burnett and Tim Conway portray a married couple’s long crescendo into an argument about a simple Wrong Number.
Chocolate News interviews Poots Walker, who plays jazz trumpet out of his ass. Literally!
Barbie turned 50 and became a Cougar.
Cypress Flatley IS the Lord Of The Dance. Bad naked fat guy dance, that is.
Dave Chappell’s Show explores what would happen if the US Government paid Black Reparations.
While the video has the Disney logo, I guarantee they never approved this alternate lyric to the Devil Went Down To Pot.
Eric O’Shea thinks that Commercials need better songs.
Hole In One shows some fancy hacky-sack in the office. Be sure to watch till the very end!
Jimmy Kimmel somehow talked Mel Gibson into starring in this fake movie trailer. Don’t miss “The Colonel.” Jimmy Kimmel proves that Unnecessary Censorship just makes things funnier.
What happens when a dog’s Leg Tries To Steal His Bone?
David Letterman shows the man who plays the Bottle Xylophone on his inline skates. Imagine what Letterman would say if he worked the Taco Bell Drive Thru.
Mad TV gets as many laughs as possible out of a Rechargeable Flashlight. Mad TV shows how a simple turf war turns two Gangsters Gay.
Levitol or Levitrol, it depends on your level of gay.
Ooh girl is one funny music video.
She got her Ears Pierced because she likes it but what about these?
Ralph Williams’s must have done something to piss off his ad agency for them to create this ad!
Southwest Airlines has a Rapping Flight Attendant.
Roseanne Barr is on a talk show when the host gets her to discuss Fucking, Austria (an actual town).
Ricky Gervais improvises with Sesame Street’s Elmo.
The Shake Weight is “designed for women, because they don’t have penises of their own.”
SNL guest host Queen Lativa uses Excedrine Racial. Gas Right works like Breath Right strips, except you put them on your butt cheeks. Sproingo is the only erectile dysfunction drug with an audilble alarm. Here an old SNL commercial spoof: The Love Toilet.
The Count from Sesame Street proves why unnecessary censorship makes any song funny.
The Tonight Show’s Johnny Carson let his guest, Dom DeLuise, do a magic trick with eggs. Then all hell broke loose! Steve Martin appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson as “The Great Flydini,” an hilarious magic act.
Watch as this turtle mistakes a boot for a female turtle.
Here’s 10 seconds of a kid watching a Water Slide.
White People Problems is a funny rap about how hard it is getting along out in the ‘burbs.
This is not an ad for Wii, but shows what could happen to two teens whose hormones get aroused by a video game. Wii Tennis
What would you do if you were driving along and spotted a UFO in a nearby field?
Totally Awesome Guns believe there's no need for long horror movies. Watch this Short Horror Movie
Anyone who has raised children will laugh at this: things all parents say set to the William Tell Overture: The Mom Song
I never thought I'd show a clip from the QVC shopping network, but I guarantee you laugh at this call-in guest's recommendation of his QVC Dell Computer
Priest Off is not meant for everyone--just children who fear being molested. Highly offensive to insects!
This is definitely Not Sesame Street. But it's the funniest children's song I've heard in years!
What will all the cutbacks in airline service, this may come true sooner than we think! No Frills Airline
Television newscasters are human. They make mistakes and get angry, just like everyone else. But here are a lot of them, doing it all in one place! News Bloopers
I'm not sure what show this is from, but it certainly proves its title: Never Trust A Woman
Think of the funny things a woman could do with a kazoo and then watch this. I guarantee you haven't seen this before! Kazoo Woman
Herbal Elements For Men is a fun spoof of those shampoos that make a woman feel so, so sensual.
Graham Norton sent a camera into a Women's Toilet. Just wait until you see the fun that breaks out there!
Bob Nielson was one funny guy. Here's his hilarious routine about Football. Thanks to Phillip Feigh!
Who doesn't enjoy seeing beautiful women take pratfalls? Falling Models
Pilobolus is an amazing dance group that appeared here on Conan O'Brien's show. This is one you must see to believe.
This may be the funniest 4-second-long video I've ever seen: A Blonde Returns To The Work Force
Sometimes soccer lovers get a little too Excited about Soccer
With a title like Assoholics Anonymous is there any way you will not click on this one? Of course not!
Who can keep from laughing at Laughing Babies?
Jeff Dunham may not be politically correct, but he sure is funny! Just watch Achmed sing Jingle Bombs
Not everyone who calls 911 has an emergency. Some are just really stupid! 911 Dummies
The FX Network's X Show knows What Men Really Think. Watch this and you'll know, too.
Wind River Gear Shop hired David Attenborough to film the Amazing Australian Lyrebird. This one starts like a documentary film, but is not!
Yes, this man really was the head of a major Earth country: Bushapropisms
I've seen almost every broadcast David Letterman has made in the past 25 years (thanks to first, videotape, and now, TiVo). Here are some of my favorites: Beer Launcher Hillary Clinton's New Ring Bill Gates Retires Frank Caliendo does George W. Bush Hillary Clinton's new diamond ring David Letterman has hosted Stupid Pet Tricks for twenty years but this is the first time he actually had on a talking dog
Here's 48 seconds of brilliance: Saying Goodnight.
Monkey with a Shotgun.com created a wonderful teaching tool in Spanish For Your Nanny.
I don't know where Mrs. Hughes works, but she sure is funny!
This CSI spoof will have you wondering where it's going. UV semen.
Mythbusters is a great TV show; here's a segment that was not aired, but produced as a promo for network executives: Flatulence.
Ladies, want to give your man a gift he'll appreciate? Try Mandles, candles for real men!
I make it a rule to Never Use Masking Tape While Drunk.
Offices would be better if there was No Wanking.
The 1/2-Hour News Hour made this hilarious campaign satire about Hillary Ambivalence Syndrome: OxyClinton.
Rock Radio 103, The Edge shows two guys at urinals commenting, "That's Huge."
The Amazing Christopher provides a new look at an old classic: YMCA.
This baby has learned a new trick; he can now give people The Evil Eye. If you don't smile at this, check your pulse!
How did The View really get Rosie to leave? Rosie Leaves
Anita Renfroe's "The Mom Song" condenses things every mother has said into two minutes of hilarious song.
Jay Leno Interviews some famous people but their answers may not be to his questions. The Fruitcake Lady has been on Jay Leno for years. Here's yet another episode, that I feel is one of the funniest: Fruitcake Lady #2 Jay set up a fake photo booth at Universal Studios and the fun began. Here is his interview with a woman who gave a chicken mouth-to-mouth, which Terry Bradshaw finds immensely amusing.
Office Hackysack with a twist. Don't leave before the punchline!
Jeff Dunham may not be politically correct, but he sure is funny! Just watch Achmed, The Dead Terrorist.
Larry Craig was that U. S. Senator who got caught in the airport bathroom. Watch him perform YMCA.
Have you ever seen a turtle hump an upside-down wok? Now you can: Love Is Blind.
This attempts to look like a home video, but it's got to be an excellent fake, doesn't it? Mom Takes A Cake
Even done a video for a dating service? I guarantee yours weren't this bad! It's Tough Being Single
Tom Rush recorded this brilliant lament of the Woodstock generation's current situation at a Humphries by the By concert in San Diego. If "Remember?" doesn't speak to you, it will someday! (Thanks to Diane Marie Hess for IDing this performance.)
This looks like a real video of a cop chasing a speeder, but there's a great punchline: Car Chase.
Although you may not understand his words, you'll be impressed with his skills. After all, he's the Hammer King.
A wheel comes off a car in this race but the announcers have nothing to worry about: How To Stack A Tire.
Frank Caliente is a great impersonator. Watch what he does when he portrays John Madden doing a Popcorn Ad Here he takes you for a tour around the new Bill Clinton Library. Frank Caliendo does the best George W. Bush impersonation that I've ever seen. And from Letterman, Frank Caliendo does George W. Bush.
What happens when the teacher substitutes a real CPR dummy with a Fake CPR dummy?
Evidently, Bill Dance hosts a fishing show, but all I've ever seen is this reel of Fishing Bloopers.
If nothing is too good for you dog, get him some Bonerol
Lost your job to a Mexican immigrant? Carlos Mencia urges you to Learn Wetback English. And here's his movie parody: Wetback Mountain.
Someone took the audio track from a real Cialis ad and replaced the video with their own hilarious look at the 36-hour Boner.
There are many celebrity fragrances. Even Hillary Clinton has one: Clintorious. (Great voiceover, but I wish they'd left off the unnecessary and insulting laugh track.)
What happens when a teenager puts a condom over his big head and inflates it through his nose? Condom Head
Denise Reis sings like a trumpet.
Robert Lund came up with this song to commemorate (at least!) 99 Words For Boobs.
Watch a dog so smart that he can fetch a ball from a swimming pool without getting wet! The Dry Retreiver.
Jeff Dunham & Walter are really funny. Watch them take on the jocks on The Best Damned Sports Show.
Tired of car alarms that are ignored? Try The Orgasmalarm!
Why Moms Shouldn't Do Yoga, especially when junior is around.
When QVC starting selling Dell Computers, do you think someone would call in recommending them for pornography? Dells for Porn
Load a remote-controlled sound effects with fart sounds, place it in a guy's back pocket, and have him fire it off near innocent victims: The Gas Box
Warren Miller has done great extreme skiing movies for decades, but with Phillip Jean Alber he seems to have found a new combination Extreme Parachute Skiing!
Mix Young Frankenstein with Steve Ballmer's antics at a Microsoft developers meeting and you get: Young FrankenSteve.
The Fartrix mixes clips from the Matrix movies with fart sound effects like a sci fi Farting Preacher!
Who would invite unknowing women to test lip balm on handsome male models and then substitute a monkey.
Here's an anti-smoking ad that will really make you reconsider your choice!
Any video that begins with a beautiful woman in a towel asking "Would you hand me my bra?" should not be missed.
The Man Show always does great ad parodies. Here are two: Crack Spackle and Beaver's Restaurant fake commercials are great. Watch what happens when they set up their "little boy" with a Lemonade Stand. Here's one of their fake ads for Blow Darts. And a truck stop sketch about deer hunters. And if your wife misbehaves, why not send her to Wife School? This kid is no child but he was one of the funniest characters on The Man Show. Watch Fake ID Then they sent him to a street corner to open a Beer Stand.
Blue Collar TV presents "Men And Their Decks," including Jeff Foxworthy and others. Listen to men talking about the size of the decks.
This is a KENS5-TV report on David Hartwig and Skidboot, a dog so highly trained you won't believe your eyes.
How not to choose a turkey by feeling naked buttocks.
Denmark found one good way to slow down traffic. (Caution: nudity)
How to wear an eggplant... in your pants!
Got Milk? You'll like this one.
When a Scotsman climbs a ladder, passersby just have to look up.
Comedy Central presents the Divorce Lullaby.
Dave Chappelle is one funny guy. Just watch America United and you'll agree. Dave shows you what life would be like if Grand Theft Auto was truly realistic!
Carlos Mencia's Mind of Mencia makes an outrageous 7-11 store owner with something to offend everyone.
Here's the perfect demonstration of Why You Shouldn't Give Girl Dolls To Boy Babies.
David Copperfield is a great illusionist. Daniel Copperfield is the World's Worst Illusionist. So bad, it's actually funny.
This makes one more thing to worry about with Internet Sex.
The late Lou Rawls plays a singing doctor for this hillarious prostate exam.
J. C. Anderson presents his Golf Swing Thoughts. Just a few things to keep in mind...
Recutting your own version of the trailers of famous Hollywood movies is a recent phenomenia. Look what they did to Office Space--Recut.
You won't need to speak Spanish to laugh at the airport Passport Check.
Here's an Australian commercial spoof mocking soft gentle toilet paper. It's Sandy, the Toilet Paper for Real Men!
This guy spends about a minute memorizing a Rubik's cube, then blindfolds himself and solves it in another minute. If I didn't see it, I wouldn't believe it.
This 20-second video shows what happens when you put an old car, a welder, and a sofa together: Redneck Roller Coaster.
You've seen billiards trick shots and you've seen falling domino mazes, but what if you put them together--with four pool tables? Pool Table Dominoes.
Here are three examples of trick automobile parking: Parking Technique 1 Parking Technique 2 Parking Technique 3
Be careful when you go in for an Examination!
Merry Christmas from TBWA, Toronto.
How best to retrieve your purse when it's above your head? With a flasher!
Here's a country song named "Today's the Day My Wife Met my Girl Friend." Enough said.
I believe this fantastic trombone quartet playing "The Stars and Stripes Forever" is called Bones Apart. Impossible! Here's their web site. (Thanks, Allen Dozier.)
All the ladies in this beauty shop can't take their eyes off the new window washer's shorts. Wait until you see why!
While it's not a large field, I believe this guy must be the World's Best Quarters Player.
While this hidden camera clip is not in English, you won't have any trouble following along as people test waterbeds.
While this video isn't funny, it will make you understand why high schools might not want students to wear baggy clothes and untucked shirts.
While this broadcast excerpt is not in English, I think you'll have no trouble figuring out what's going on. Steven Don tells me that the host claims management was out to get him, didn't allow a pre-interview, so the first time he heard this guest was live on the air. He got fired immediately after!
If you've seen the movie The Shining, you'll love this remix trailer in which the same movie is made to look like something completely different than the thrilling horror flick it really is. The Shining Redux
Carmen Electra promotes the charity of her choice: Tits For Tots.
Strong Back is a web phenomenon. In this Email Episode he recycles some graphics Mark Crowe drew for Leisure Suit Larry 1 back in 1987.
Comedy Central spoofs immigrants with Seven Days to Wetback English.
Watch this local news reporter's on location snow report.
Fishing is not always the quiet peaceful sport you think--especially when a large seaplane lands right in your boat.
A street entertainer does some hilarious stuff with a skeleton marionette.
Here's the story of Patches the Horse, who has no idea he's not a person.
This minister meant to say "pitch his tents," but said "pinch his tits" instead. But he's even funnier afterwards as he tries, and fails, to recover.
Playboy TV sent a beautiful woman shopping for a new top while exposing herself to unsuspecting customers. Warning: naked breasts.
There may be a more disciplined dog is the world, but if there is, I haven't seen it. This surely must be the World's Best Trained Dog.
Monthly Man enables men to share everything with their women.
Here's a man who used toy horns to play Beethoven -- on his body.
Here's a Houston police officer with a bad traffic stop. Warning: even more profanity than usual. (There's no sound for the first 25 seconds.)
Here's a pilot with real skills! Watch him fly a radio controlled airplane inside a gym.
This magic trick from Japanese television had me totally fooled. Someone had to explain it to me. I bet it fools you the first time, too!
One of the best bits on Jimmy Kimmel's show is Unnecessary Censorship.
You'll have to see this 7-year-old shoot pool to believe it's possible. Landon Shuffet, Pool Shark
Brian Hardy worked for two weekends to put 12,000 blocks together to form the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but only seconds for...
This clip from the TV show, "Malcom in the Middle," uses the music of Johnny Mathis's Marshmellow World, to accompany two women armed with automobiles dukeing it out in a mall parking lot!
This started out to be a serious interview with an intelligent man but turned into something quite different. Happy Kangaroos
I think the title of this video says it all: The World's Gayest Referee.
A man goes on a local morning TV talk show with a surprise for his girl friend. And it's surely not what the hosts thought it was going to be!
Two garbage truck men surprise a beautiful woman.
Fishing for the jumping fish matrinxã is forbidden on Brazil's Mequens River, in the protected Porto Rolins Park. You'll see why in this video.
Here's an hilarious collection of fishing show out-takes.
This is truly a monkey with a death wish. Watch as he mercilessly taunts two tigers!
I believe the sound goes out at the end of Croc Baiting because the announcer lost it!
BlondeStar: Always On, Cause You're Always Blonde.
Here's a funny clip of a guy who doesn't get what he wanted. I can't say more without spoiling the joke, but it's worth a look.
I'm not sure which BBC America show this is from, but it's just funny to see policemen without pants.
While not funny, this is a truly amazing video of what happens when 81 parachutists descend in formation at sunset.
When U. S. President George W. Bush wanted to block the southern border with a fence, every comic reacted. Here are two examples: Border Fence 1 Border Fence 2
America's Funniest Home Videos does compilations of short clips on specific topics. Here are some of their best: Churches Boating Flight Dancing Animals Funniest dog moments Funniest cat mements Fainters Animals Cats Dog Talk Since I used to be a high school band director, Halftime Shows is a favorite. And don't miss Dancing Under The Influence.
I believe these clips are a compilation of the
Evidently, if you attend Texas Tech, it's a great honor to get to be the Bellringer on the football sidelines. But be careful of your camera angle and facial expression!
Finally, you'll know Why Men Die Younger.
Here's a great ad parody for a product every man could use: Blow Darts
Here's how those of you with rhythm can learn to Dance Like A White Guy. On the other hand, here's a USAF Academy student with a roommate who thinks he can dance: Dance, White Boy, Dance!
What a way to start your Monday morning: Oh, Crap!
Men in Coats is a British comedy team. The Small Man is one of my favorites. Check out their web site for more videos. (Thanks to Bart Van den Bulck for setting me straight on this.)
Is it really smart to take your Flare Gun along when you go skydiving? A must see.
This is a infamous clip that's circled the Internet many times now. It was originally a song parody done by a local Seattle radio DJ years ago. Later, some Norwegian soldiers picked it up and added video of themselves. Now their country is apologizing. Kosovo
If you watch baseball long enough, you'll see everything.
Young newscasters are fun to watch, but this guy is old enough to know better: Black And Gus
I don't know who did this ad parody, but it's droll: Kidstoned Chewable Valium
Don Herzfeldt used simple animation but great emotion to show women what Life As A Guy is like.
Jay Leno invites ordinary people to ask the Fruitcake Lady, but her answers are anything but ordinary.
Jason Baskin used 3-D CG animation to create a wonderful short film about a gaseous guy trapped in the world of cubicles. Watch this! Cubism
These kayakers got a BIG surprise. Whale Kayaking. (If this is special effects, then it's great special effects!)
As if I needed any more reasons, here's Why Not To Go Ice Fishing. (This is special effects. But still funny.)
These are so juvenile and childish I can't believe I'm posting them, let alone laughing my ass off at them! The Farting Preacher, Part One The Farting Preacher, Part Two The Farting Preacher, Part Three The Farting Preacher, Part Four The Farting Preacher, Part Five
I wonder how long this anchorman lasted before Fox News fired him after this slip up! Anchorman Oops.
Here's a demonstration of a shadow image master: Hand Sex
The absolutely catchiest jingle parody yet for a sex toy: Everyone Knows It's Dildo.
This short film features high drama, danger, and comedy, all in a couple of minutes. Flight 405.
Does your marriage need Marriageol?
When I first saw The Flying Lawnmower I couldn't believe my eyes.
This is what happens when you let engineers write the ad copy. Rockwell's Retroincabulator. (I've been told it was intended to a joke, but even so, it's a well-produced one!)
The name sells itself: The Scottish Sobriety Test.
This looks like a cargo plane making a really Bad Landing. At least, I hope no passengers were aboard!
I used to enjoy Craig Kilborn's Late Late Show, but it's biggest problem was that it was on opposite Conan. Here's Craig's Trampoline Bear.
Who needs a Breathalyzer? This is one truly effective DUI stop.
All beer commercials sell it, but at least Tits And Ass Beer comes right out and says what it really is!
I was a huge fan of the late, great Johnny Carson; I probably saw over half his broadcasts (and that was mostly before videotape!). Here he teams up with Jack Webb, of the wonderful early cop show, Dragnet, to solve The Case of the Copper Clappers.
I can't explain this one to you, just don't miss it! Hollow Men.
What's not to like when Whose Line Is It has Richard Simmons as its guest star?
Just watch this. Trust me. You've never seen anything like it. Keyboard Balls.
Keep a close eye on the woman talking on her cell phone directly behind home plate at this Boston Red Socks game. (brief nudity)
Ever swear something you didn't quite mean? These Boston Red Sox fans did. Watch this wonderful parody of a MasterCard "Priceless" ad.
This one starts slowly, but stick with it. It gets great! Kollaboration 2001, Robot Dance.
Never underestimate the fun of a good hallway race!
There have been days (and late nights!) when I felt like doing this, but I never have. Laptop Revenge
I promise you, none of the participants got the correct solution to this embarassing TV Game Show Puzzle! (Real Media file)
How NOT to tow a boat with a Million Dollar Helicopter.
How NOT to tow a trailer with a hundred dollar car!
Dave Chappell is one funny guy. Here's his fake ad for a new product similar to O'Dells non-alcoholic beer. It's called O'Dweed's.
From Japanese television comes a wonderful bit: Bullet-time Ping Pong!
You may not understand the language, but you know what's going on when Mensch Markus visits a Female Hair Styist.
You may wonder how anyone could make the war in Iraq funny. But watch this News from the War and learn.
This is an actual news clip from a local Seattle TV station, but with a small sound effect to enhance your viewing pleasure: Streaker
Here's a variety act to make Ed Sullivan roll over in his grave. Watch the Male Handsless Piano Duet.
This is definitely not Bob Vila's This Old House, but it's a wonderful parody. This Old Whorehouse (R-rated)
Chris Rock's HBO show had some funny sketches, but this is one of the best, "How To NOT Get Your Ass Kicked By the Police!" And only Chris Rock could get away with: Nigga, Please!
From the Jamie Kennedy Experiment comes a wonderful clip of a resort swimming pool experience.
I met Chris Parillo just before I was interviewed on The ScreenSavers. I wish I had seen this clip before that; I would have asked him more about it. See one of the best bloopers ever from TechTV.
A woman disco dancing with a dog? It may not be an obvious premise, but stick with it long enough to see what she gets that dog to do!
I laughed harder at Robin Williams' HBO special's segment on How Golf Was Invented than anything I've seen in years. WARNING: includes every possible grammatical usage of "the F-word" multiple times.
This one made me laugh out loud: Garbage Surprise!
A naked man playing basketball?
Conan O'Brien's show features a wonderful puppet named "Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog." Triumph the Insult Comic Dog has long been one of my favorite characters. Watch his guest appearance as a weatherman on a Hawaiian TV news broadcast. I dare you to watch his visit to the line waiting to get into the latest Star Wars movie without laughing! Triumph Poops on Star Wars geeks.
Do you know where baby talcum powder comes from?
Saturday Night Live goes through its ups and downs but every so often it hits a home run. See what Peyton Manning uses for teaching strategy Watch Alec Baldwin in one of the funniest Christmas bits ever: Schweaty Balls One of SNL's funniest hosts was Robert DeNiro. This clip is worth seeing if only to see a world-class actor doing elementary school humor: SNL Terrorist Watch List And here he is again Selling Cars And while we're on SNL, here's a clip with Jim Carrey: Party Boys I've loved Amy Poehler's work ever since she played Andy's little sister on Conan O'Brien's show years ago. Here she stars in an ad parody for what I predict will be a real product in the near future: Tattoo Remover Homeland Security presents the Transportation Security Administration Here's a 50s educational film spoof on Sexual Harassment A fake ad for Kotex "Classic" SNL's Chris Parnell loves his Mercury Mistress. No, I mean he really loves it! Woomba the womb cleaner, from Tina Fey Say Cork Soakers five times quickly And along the same line, Fill your Crack with Caulk
Personally, I only watch the last few episodes of American Idol, and this guy is why! See The World's Worst Singer!
You'll never believe anything you see on TV after watching this wonderful job of editing George W. Bush's Address to Congress.
I'm no cat lover and I usually don't go for cat photos or videos, but this has got to be the Dumbest Cat ever! And here's what happens when you mix a cat with a ceiling fan.
How much money would they have to pay you to perform this circus stunt?
This oneis from Comedy Central's "Reno 911" and is obviously staged, but it's funny nonetheless. Dog Gone
Jack Black did this wonderful parody of The Lord of the Rings.
Watch the public service announcement that goes terribly wrong: Adopt Pinkey.
This isn't funny, but it is impressive. I'm not sure what the Japanese means, but I promise you this is one you'll watch at least twice! Tee Shirt Folding
Some of my best friends are trombone players, but this guy could give them all a bad name. (Oops! Too late!)
Waiting for your next meal? So is this lion!
Here are a few youngsters showing off on the bicycles. Future Darwin Award Winners
Are there ever days when you simply get totally bored at work?
Look! It's a real live Skateboarding Dog
This is another wonderful Flash animation by Bruno Bozzetto about The Difference Between Italians and Europeans. This is an EXE file, but don't worry: I've scanned it and it's virus free.
A nice little piece of visual humor worthy of Charlie Chaplin: How to Wash an Automatic Door
This was one of the first video clips I ever watched on a computer. I waited to post it until I felt the majority of you had high speed connections. It's a wonderful amateur video parody of the TV show "Cops" with a Star Wars theme. Stormtrooper COPS
Comedy Central popped off a good one here: Masculout
Just before Microsoft released Windows 98, Bill Gates gave a presentation at a trade show. Bill, just don't demonstrate "Plug 'n' Play"! No, NO!! Blue Screen of Death
Aren't you tired of fart jokes yet? Yep, me neither! Prepare to enter The Fartrix!
Finally. Something that's not a commercial. But it is great video! Bullfighting Gone Terribly Wrong
Tired of Window-whining Macoholics? Linux lovers got you down? Microsoft in general? How about a musical version of Every OS Sucks!
Don't let it be said our former President didn't have a sense of humor. Watch this one! Clinton's Final Days in Office
If you don't believe in singing penises, you will after you watch this! The Singing Penis
Not an ad, just one amazing piece of motorcycle riding. Amazing Save! (no sound)
Figure this one out yourself: Ambiguous Aliens.
You think you're having a bad day at work? Watch this guy!
And for those of you who just can't get enough, here's the grand old classic, "Monkey Drinking Pee."
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