I was fortunate to speak at the Alternative Party 2007, in Helsinki, Finland in November 2007, coincidently exactly 25 years (to the day) after the day I first met Ken and Roberta Williams and discussed Sierra Online publishing my games.

I wasn't confident that anyone there would even know who I was, but Mikko Tuomela, one of its organizers, assured me they would. When Margaret and I arrived at the airport, we were greeted by press, fans, and even a limo to take us to our hotel. Throughout, they treated us like royalty. We had a blast!

On Friday evening, I got to play saxophone with the ironically-named David Hasselhoff Big Band (which has absolutely nothing to do with either David or a big band!). Then on Saturday night, I spoke for about 45 minutes, assuming 15 minutes would be more than enough time for questions. 45 minutes after that, we finally called a halt, after which I autographed many Larry boxes and photos.

Here is an interview I did with the local university public television station.


Watch the YouTube videos below to see and hear the David Hasselhoff Big Band and me.


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