Mountain Dew uses Hand Slapping to teach young grasshopper how to be really fast!

You'd need Burn Energy Drink to make this many women Happy Sleepers

Sprite shows the pleasures of fatherhood with Like I Love You.

Here's a great ad for Sprite Zero: Kite Surfer

Beer ads? What about root beer ads? Let IBC convince you to drink their type of beer instead of alcoholic.

IBC's ad campaign is "the best beer is a root beer." Here are two of their funniest:

Best Beer Is A Root Beer 1

Best Beer Is A Root Beer 2

Coke shows what can happen when a Senior Citizen tries a soft drink.

Here's a CocaCola ad about winning a date.

I promise you won't guess where this girl's experience will end. Coke Light, Beach Girl

In Mi Vida Loco, a Coca-Cola makes a man rethink his life.

In this Beach Encounter, a Coke Light gives the wrong impression.

Remember that famous Diet Coke ad from a few years ago? Here's a wonderful parody of it.

Here's a great cola commercial that you won't see coming.

Jolly Cola's ads in Denmark are much more suggestive than CocaCola's ads in America! Here's one in English.

Pepsi uses voiceover to great effect in this ad spoofing The Godfather: Grazie

Pepsi Late Night Foosball

A short tale of infidelity caught on videotape, Your Cheatin' Heart

This UK ad for Tango orange soda takes the prize for originality. Missing from the ending is their tag line, "You know when you've been Tangoed." Orange Tango
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