Click for larger imageAll these Easter Eggs can be seen just by playing the game.

In the table below, to see the woman in the "Woman" column naked, go to the location described under "Where" and complete the actions described under "Action." If you do it correctly, you’ll see a flashing Easter Egg on your screen.

I also saved Sierra's original 1996 web site's Easter Egg page.

Remember: “save early, save often!”

Woman Where Action Result


433, hot Vicki

Hot Vicki’s monitor shows two nude men from LSL6. Ctrl-click the left man.

Later, when you and Vicki have sex, you’ll see a little more.


430, Library

In the outer library, click on the beaver on top shelf, select Other…, type “Milk.”

The next time you enter the Juggs’ dressing room you’ll see the Juggs in all their glory.


400, ballroom long shot

Enter the ballroom. While still in the long shot (before you talk to Jamie), click Larry, select Other…, type “dream.”

Immediate gratification. With music, even!


240, stage close-up, then 302, Drew close-up

After the Juggs’ concert, return to the lounge, walk up on stage, then walk left until you see the mixer close-up. Click the mixer, select Other…, type “feel” to get the earplugs.

Later, when you talk to Drew, you won’t be able to hear her tell you to look her in the eyes.

Drew 2

302, Drew close-up

Drew’s gigantic erection sits on the table beside her chaise. Use the orgasmic powder on it. Then “drink” it.

Later, when you & Drew head off to your room together, Larry won’t walk in front of her.

Drew 3

302, Drew close-up

Click the branch blocking your view, select Other…, type “push” to move it.



311, Boning exterior

After your “scene” with Mr. Boning, but before giving Annette the insurance policy, go to the hallway outside her cabin. Find the third statue from the left. Click on his crotch, select Other…, type “unzip.”

Later, when you ring Annette’s doorbell, you’ll see her enjoying her new inheritance.



Get all 1000 points, and get all 32 Dildos, and see all the Easter Eggs. Or, teleport to 152 (which is what I do!).

After the credits, you’ll see one second of Larry actually having sex.

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