Ford shows how a Police Chase can work out well.

Goodyear shows How A Man Changes A Tire.

An Amish mother finds her son’s stash of porn.

If Dackia believes that their tires will enable you to Park Like This, they're wrong!

Mercedes Benz knows what sells everything and gives us plenty of it in this sexy ad: Not In This Weather.

Their new E Class car ad barely mentions the car. But it made me laugh!

Toyota thinks their RAV4 truly is A Car To Love

Maybe the new Toyota Vios is too attractive?

Here it explores the Human Touch.

Spend too much time with your Toyota Tacoma and your girlfriend may get even. Or, try to!

Toyota's British division has the right idea with That's Life.

And Toyota Sweden does a tribute to that old 50's hit, Poetry in Motion.

Mazda proves you should never doubt the ingenuity of a woman who wants that parking space! Way To Park

Have you ever wanted to tell someone, "Keep your hands off my car!"? Watch how Fiat Palio handles the situation.

And here they prove that it's Time For Your Own Car.

Nissan hired Andy Richter to spoof both the Prius and the Honda. “Stay Out of It

Something makes me think that Nissan would never advertise its Pathfinder with bouncing like this in America: IndependentSuspension.

The Citroen C4 is "Alive with technology."
I once owned a Renault, back when I was young and foolish (and they were called "Ree-nalt" instead of "Ray-no") but I swear I never had a rhino do this to my Renault: Rhino Renault

Dodge used misunderstanding to sell pickup trucks in 7 Inches Longer.

And be sure to "Take a look at this Bad Boy."

I guarantee you've never seen this Volvo ad in the United States!
30 seconds of pure double entendre: Dodge Durango

Here’s a Hyundai ad that would never run in the U.S.A. “No Passenger.”

You won't figure out where this one's going: Hyundai Reclining Seat

Another great car commercial, this time for a Peugeot 206.

Suburban Auto Group is an auto dealership located about 20 miles east of Portland, Oregon, but they came up with a series of world-class commercials when they invented the Trunk Monkey!

Trunk Monkey 2

Trunk Monkey 3

Trunk Monkey 4

Trunk Monkey 5

Trunk Monkey 6

Trunk Monkey 7

Trunk Monkey 7

Trunk Monkey 8

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