1. My joke list is free and intends to remain that way.
  2. I will NOT sell or lend the list to anyone else. The names on the list will never be revealed to anyone. I will use the list only to send you jokes.
  3. I am not concerned about jokes being clean or "Politically Correct." On the other hand, I don’t find vulgar, sexist or racist jokes funny, so you won't see those.
  4. Every email I send you is also available on our Groups.io site. This saves you, and me, the trouble of archiving them.
  5. If I do offend you someday, it is not my intention. If you don’t like one day's jokes, just delete that email. Maybe you’ll like the next day's jokes. If you’re deleting too many, leave the group. I only send jokes I think are funny. You should see the ones I delete!
  6. I appreciate constructive feedback. There’s an address at the bottom of every email where you can send email to me. However, if you are rude to me or spam me, I will remove you from the list.
  7. I didn’t write these jokes, but I have tightened, corrected misspellings, capitalization, and grammar on nearly every one.
  8. I don't include advertising but Groups.io does. That keeps the list free. If you want to patronize an advertiser, that's up to you but I'm sure they'd appreciate it.
  9. I do not endorse the products and services advertised in CyberJoke 3000™. Hell, I don't even know who they are until I receive my copy back from Groups.io at the same time you get yours. Advertisers are responsible for their content and claims, not me. You are on your own. Caveat emptor.
  10. The bottom of each email contains complete instructions for forwarding, quitting and encouraging your friends to join. Please don't take the easy way out and email me asking me to do it for you.
  11. I reserve the right to discontinue this whenever it ceases to be fun. That doesn’t mean I plan to, just that I reserve the right.
  12. Terms are subject to change. Additions and changes will be posted here as necessary.


More information!

In Regards to my Terms and Conditions above. Essentially, I plan to be reasonable and follow the Golden Rule. You should too.

If you find something offensive, I apologize. Unsubscribe if I really get to you. But, if you do, I'd appreciate it if you'd tell me exactly why, so I know what I did wrong.

I never add people who don’t want to be on the list. If somehow you got on and don’t want to be, follow the unsubscribe instructions above and you’re off.

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Warning: If you're looking for obscene, sick, weird, racist, or the cutting edge of humor, you'll be disappointed. While I send the occasional R-rated joke, I don't do X.

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First, UNsubscribe your old email address by sending a blank email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from your account. Then REsubscribe by filling in the form on this page (and on the homepage of this site).

How to UNsubscribe:

Who would want to? But, if you do, it's just as simple: send a blank email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you're out.

If you have problems:

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