We wanted to do something special in Love for Sail! that no other game had done before, so we decided to alter a player's Windows desktop background screen (or wallpaper) during the course of game play. As far as I know, Larry 7 was the first game to interact with your wallpaper in this way!

Jason Piel then created a wonderful series of portraits of each of the game's women, done in the style of the 1950's Playboy "Vargas Girls." Each is a 640x480 BMP (Windows bitmap) file and is 301KB in size.

Unfortunately, not many gamers noticed this feature (probably because it was pretty well hidden, buried deep in the "Read Me" file). If you didn't, here's your chance to see Jason's wonderful portraits.

NOTE: Click the thumbnails below to see the full-sized version. To download a picture to your computer, right-click the full-size image on the next page (do not click the thumbnail below!) and select "Save Picture As..." from the menu.

The Juggs

Jamie Lee Coitus

Drew Baringmore

Dewmi Moore

Victorian Principles

Annette Boning

Captain Thygh


InterAction Centerfold


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