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Larry 2 Beach Towel

L-BeachTowelSightingIn case you wondered, yes, Sierra did produce a (very!) limited number of promotion beach towels for LSL2: Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places). If you see one of these on eBay, buy it. They're scarcer than hen's teeth!

(Thanks to Megan Hughes for the photo!)

CafePress.com Not only is this available in women's sizes, they also have it in "Organic Baby Bodysuits!"
Gametrailers.com Gametrailers.com selected the Top 10 Funniest Games ever. Leisure Suit Larry made #6!

ALbyArtMer.jpgThis isn't exactly a "Larry Sighting," it's more of an "AL" sighting. ArtMer on DeviantArt.com is selling caricatures of me. As if I was enough of a caricature already!

FawnByIrishmileAnd, Irishmile is selling his version of Fawn, from the VGA remake of LSL1: Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards

Real Life Greg Dean over at Real Life did a two strip run about Leisure Suit Larry, here and here
MacDonald's DiscoDaveParodyOfLarryWhile MacDonald's doesn't say this is Leisure Suit Larry on their Happy Meals, I'll let you be the judge. (That medallion says, "American Idol.")
Guy with the Glasses Larry makes an appearance late in the video "Video Game Confessions."

Nathan sells a "Leisure Suit Larry at Lefty's Bar" pink T-shirt. I wonder if it comes in XXL?

And he sells decals suitable for your laptop.

Larry haiku Leisure Suit Larry haiku? Yep!
Yahoo Games Daniel Zelter spotted Larry Lovage in an unenviable position: featured as one of The 10 Worst Game Sequels Ever.
iHeartChaos.com IHC'sPeriodicTableThumbnail.jpgiHeartChaos.com created the Periodic Table of Video Game Characters and Leisure Suit Larry made Atomic Number 103, Symbol: Lr, element Lawrencium (of course!). He's in the lower left corner of largest portion of the table. Thanks, Bjorn Wielens.
Dr Ashens Sam Timmins spotted Larry in this Youtube video by the amusing and witty Dr Ashens. It calls Leisure Suit Larry 1 as the third fastest death in any computer game, 1.6 seconds in! Of course, who would walk immediately into oncoming traffic? <grin>
EDGE: The Game Industry Magazine Bjorn Wielens found Leisure Suit Larry mentioned in this article on the Ten Most Annoying DRM Methods as #9: Manual-Based Protection. Hey! What were we supposed to do? You know you'd copy the game for a friend if we didn't! <grin>
TVtropes.com According to this site, Larry has become an architype in stories. I'm honored!
"He wants to be Casanova, but he fails horribly...Sometimes the Leisure Suit Larry talks a great game. He may have all his friends convinced that he's the original ladies' man and that his bed is never cold."
Spaceballs: The Animated Saga

Lars Vogel was watching the “Grand Theft Starship” episode of "Spaceballs: The Animated Saga" (a spin-off of the movie "Spaceballs," the Star Wars parody by Mel Brooks). Lone Starr and the princess end up in a video game world populated by many well-known video game characters. But Larry Laffer is the only one who appeared several times ...just standing there, looking, well, really uncomfortable. (He's about 1:30 into this clip.)


Stephen Howe's Checkbook Stephen Howe used a Larry desktop image for his custom checks.
Bear & Bird Boutique Gallery

larrys-ladies-evelarrys-ladies-blow-up-dollArtist Sarah J. Pierce sells recreations of the ladies from Leisure Suit Larry, made with (and I quote!) "Cotton, Thread, Fabric, Ink, Love". Get your 8"x10" in a Shadowbox frame for only $80.00.


"Eve" is on the left. Also available for the same price: the blow-up doll from Larry 1!

I am not making this up!!


Leisure Suit Larry makes the article (if not the actual list). The Library of Congress Wants to Preserve Video Game Culture. (Thanks to Jem Matzan.)

In your wildest dreams, did you ever imagine that the likes of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas or Leisure Suit Larry might be considered part of the cultural heritage of America? The folks who run the Library of Congress — not generally known for their gaming chops — are giving the issue serious consideration.


Residents and lovers of the city of Toronto were shocked by a web site that purported to map their city but instead replaced many of the buildings with Flash animations that, to quote the article, "turns the streetscape into something that looks like it came out of Leisure Suit Larry".

I'm so proud! They even showed screenshots from LSL7 to prove their point. See for yourself here.

Shellshock: Nam '67 According to GameWinners.com, in the game Shellshock: Nam '67, one particular Easter egg allows you to "unlock missions and gallery." What is that code word? Why, "kensentme", of course. See it here. --thanks to Brett Snow
BBspot BBspot
BBspot poked fun at the new Wii hand controllers with this fake Leisure Suit Larry game "news article."

--thanks to Brian Connors
Asimov's Science Fiction I was amazed to see a story by Charles Stross reference Leisure Suit Larry -- and in Asimov's Science Fiction, too!
Pong Nation Pong Nation makes a Leisure Suit Larry T-Shirt for the millions of you who never got a chance to wear one of the originals. And the price is right, too.

Man, I wonder what one of those original shirts would bring today on eBay!

Go Fug Yourself robertDowneyJrAsLarry.jpgGo Fug Yourself used Leisure Suit Larry as an example of Robert Downey Jr.'s wardrobe.
The Rich Jerk David Neuburger found it ironic that The Rich Jerk uses an obvious Larry image on its site, but then adds a "holier than thou" disclaimer at the bottom of the page so that you won't do the same thing.
Something Awful Daniel Zelter found Larry Laffer, Male Gigolo on Something Awful's "Movie / Video Game Hybrids" spoof page.
Lepa Lepa.jpgGeorge "G.G.F." Kekeris spotted this famous Greek singer who bears a stiking resemblance to, well, you know.
Dork Tower LSLdorktower462.gif
Dork Tower
is a comic strip on GameSpy.com. Here's their take on Magna Cum Laude.
Slate.com Larry even made Slate Magazine. In an article entitled "Don't Stand By Me," about people struck by lightning, it says, "Zap a computer with an electrical surge and its hardware will appear unchanged, but that doesn't mean it'll still be able to run Leisure Suit Larry. The same is true of humans." I guess you'll have to read the whole page to catch the reference.
Worth1000 Robert Puckett found Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Altar Boys in a contest on Worth1000.com called "Games That Never Got Made."
Something Awful Shannon Moose was exploring "Cartoon Characters in Old Age" on www.somethingawful.com and on page 13 spotted the aged Leisure Suit Larry, here.
T-Shirt LarryTshirt.jpgHere's a great T-shirt from Peter Mallegrom of the Netherlands. -- thanks to Kevin de Harde
Snopes Adam Crinklaw found Leisure Suit Larry mentioned on Snopes.com (the Urban Legends Reference Pages), my favorite site to use to dispel those Internet emails that just won't stop. They discuss the tacky gamePanty Raider and use Larry as an example of good taste. Seriously. See it here.
Fawn and Faith sighted While it's not exactly Leisure Suit Larry, StrongBad's cartoon about digging up his old "Tandy 400" lifts two girls straight out of the original CGA version of "LSL1: Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards."
-- thanks to Are Ormberg
Larry in the News

Adam Bormann sighted Larry in Wired News, in an October 10, 2002 story entitled, "Why Online Age Checks Don't Work:"

If anything, age verification has gotten simpler over time -- not more advanced. Veteran gamers might recall Sierra's Leisure Suit Larry, an adult-oriented game that determined players' ages by first testing their knowledge of recent history.

The Leisure Suit Larry system relied on multiple-choice questions like "Who is Spiro Agnew?" But the system was not widely adopted, as many would-be players quickly found out that IQ, like a credit rating, is not a reliable indicator of age.

Leisure Suit Larry + Catherine Zeta-Jones? Click to see full size.Talking about going the ultimate full circle: spotted on SomethingAwful.com is a parody of the LSL1 package by SybaseGC showing John Travolta imitating Leisure Suit Larry who was imitating John Travolta! Whoa, I'm dizzy! See the original here. And doesn't Catherine makes a wonderful Eve!

--thanks to Kevin de Harde of www.bluesmotel.nl
Jeopardy! jeopardyLeisure Suit Larry has finally arrived in the mainstream. In April, 2002, the #1 game show had a category called "Larry, Curly and Moe" in which every "answer" required one of those names as a "question." Alex Trebek asked, "This computer game character always wore a white leisure suit." You, of course, remembered to shout out your answer from the sofa in the form of a question.

--thanks to multiple contributors
Larry the Octopus

octopusMaster video game programmer Steve Conrad discovered there was an octopus at the Seattle Aquarium named Leisure Suit Larry. It's in a research report from the University of Lethbridge. Who knew programmers had such varied reading habits?

A third aspect of the lives of the octopuses which shows their capacity for acquiring different responses is their possession of "personalities". The impetus for this study came from the second author's work at the Seattle Aquarium (Anderson, 1987). Volunteers are the backbone of public institutions such as the Aquarium, and volunteers see animals a little differently than scientists. They give individual names to three species of animals in the Aquarium - the seals, the sea otters, and the octopuses. There was "Leisure Suit Larry", named for a video game character who would be cited daily for sexual harassment on the job for excessive touching. There was "Emily Dickinson", who hid behind the tank's backdrop and could barely be coaxed out. And there was "Lucretia McEvil", whose destructive acts are featured at the beginning of this article. Volunteers shied away from feeding her because she would try to pull them down into her tank. --Thanks, Steve!

Famous game designer Christy Marx points out a more recent feature article in the Seattle Times on the Aquarium's octopi. It includes this quote:

Their personalities can be so strong that, at the Seattle Aquarium, octopus names describe their characteristics, like "Emily Dickinson," the shy mollusk who always hid; and "Lucretia McEvil," the troublemaker who tore up her tank; and "Leisure Suit Larry," who, notes Seattle Aquarium biologist Roland C. Anderson, "would have been arrested for sexual assault because his arms were all over you." --Thanks, Christy!


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