One of the great joys of my career as a game designer was to watch the simple tune I wrote one evening out of necessity develop, change, and grow over the years at the hands of a great variety of different composers. And to think, by Larry 7 we could actually have live musicians in a real recording studio play real instruments! Not only did my little Larry's Theme Song grow past the tweaking PC speaker, it outlived MIDI!

This page contains music from all the Larry games. Below is a Quick Menu to help you find them:

Anyway, this page is to share you as much of the music from Larry's various adventures as I can. Since I only own the copyright to the Larry theme, I can allow you to use and enjoy it all you want--but just don't sell it. (As if you could! Ha ha ha!!)

If you're interested in Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist, go here. And don't miss Andy Thorley's tribute album of free MP3s with the best music from all the Larry games, called: "Music from Larry 4"??

By the way, if you're interested in what I have, you should see what's available on Tom Lewandowski's Quest Studios website. They have an amazing collection of Sierra music here.

The following soundtrack pages include full-size audio CD jewel case covers and label image files that you can download and print out.

LSL1 Digital Audio Soundtrack (Ogg Vorbis)*
LSL2 Digital Audio Soundtrack (MP3)
LSL3 Digital Audio Soundtrack (MP3)
LSL6 Digital Audio Soundtrack (MP3)
NOTE: if you click the links to the songs below, you will hear them, they will open in a new window!
To download them to your hard disk, right-click the link and choose "Save Target As...".


Leisure Suit Larry 7:
Love for Sail!

These are all in MP3 format (except one) and require an MP3 player. Steve Coupe was kind enough to send me a CD filled with all the Larry 7 music saved as MP3s. Thanks, Steve!

Composed by: Frank Zottoli

Theme Song, full version, MP3 format
Theme Song, full version, WAV format
Freddy Pharkas in Larry 7? Why is this here?
I needed a country song but didn't want to pay royalties!

Larry Rides the LuvMaster2000

Victorian Principles Before Larry
Jamie Lee Coitus  Victorian Principles After Larry
Poolside  Victorian Principles Easter Egg music
Poolside with Drew  Dewmi at the craps table
Annette Boning Before Larry  Dewmi plays Liar's Dice
Annette Boning After Larry Peter the Purser
Milking the Venezuelan Beavers.
(Thanks, Michael Elboim!)
Captain's Cook-off
(Thanks, Michael Elboim!)

Composed by: Ben Houge

CyberSniff 2000 Casino theme featuring Al Lowe on Sax
Fire on the Bed!  Houge Rolls The Dice
Open the Patio Door!  Exploring the Break Room
Ready to Jump  Heeeeerrre's Xqwzts!
Patio Loop    

Composed by: Mark Seibert

Oh Baby!
Here's Dildo!
He's Got His Daddy's Eyes (and His Other Daddy's Smile)


Leisure Suit Larry 6:
Shape Up or Slip Out!

Arranged by: Dan Kehler

This is the original, full-length wave file from the game's opening converted to MP3, featuring Al Lowe on alto sax. Play with any MP3 sound player.

Opening Theme Song

Composed by: Al Lowe | Lyrics by: Josh Mandel

In the early '90's, Josh Mandel and I wrote words and music for Char Donay, the country music singer in Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out! Josh came up with a hilarious concept: Marie, the hooker/heroine of the Police Quest games would tell her story about how she fell in love with Sonny, the star of PQ. This is the vocal version of Cell Block Love.

Cell Block Love

Composed by: Dan Kehler

These are all in MIDI format and use any standard MIDI player.

Opening Theme Song Gammie Boysulay
Muscle Beach  Mer Lowe
Cavaricci Vaurnet  Rose
Cell Block Love  Shablee
Char Donay  Sham Payne
Fat City  Thunderbird
Larry Be Bad  Closing Theme Song


Leisure Suit Larry 5:
Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Work

Composed by: Craig Safan

These are all in MIDI format and use any standard MIDI player.

Theme Song KRAP Radio 1
Porn Prod Corp  KRAP Radio 2
Boardwalk  KRAP Radio 3
ChiChi Lambada  KRAP studio session
Hard Disk Cafe 1  Lana Lovely
Hard Disk Cafe 2  Michelle
Hard Disk Cafe 3  Patti at Taj Mahal


Leisure Suit Larry 1:
In the Land of the Lounge Lizards
, 1991 VGA remake

Composed by: Chris Braymen

While this section appears to be "out of order," this is correct chronologically. By the way, I consider Chris Braymen one of the greatest game composers ever. Listen to how sophisticated his music sounds, even after all these years. These are all in MIDI format and use any standard MIDI player.

Theme Song Fawn
Disco Larry Chris's tongue is firmly in his cheek on this one. Lost Wages Play this and just try not to stop your foot from tapping!
Eve Quiki-Mart


Leisure Suit Larry 3:
Passionate Patti In Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals

Composed by: Mike Dana

These are all in MIDI format and use any standard MIDI player.

Theme Song Hotel Lobby
Binoculars  Patti's Log Ride
Bambi  Love Theme
Bamboo maze  Patti Lounge
Cheri Tart  Patti's Theme
Comedy Hut  Patti's Theme 2
Larry's Crab Dance  Pot Ledge
Dork  Suzi Cheatum
Feral Pig



Leisure Suit Larry 2:
Larry Goes Looking For Love (in Several Wrong Places)

Composed by: Al Lowe

These are in MIDI format and use any standard MIDI player.

Theme Song Kalalau's Love Song


Leisure Suit Larry 1:
In the Land of the Lounge Lizards

Composed by: Al Lowe

In the early days of computer game music, that is "before MIDI," you never knew what sort of sounds a particular brand of computer would make. Here are a few golden sounds from the early years.

Apple IIgs Theme Song, 888 kb, MP3 format. The Apple IIgs was ahead of its time. It had digital sampling. Here's what it sounded like in the 1989 release of LSL1 for the IIgs. (Sampled by Patrik Bergström)
Tandy Theme Song, 952 kb, MP3 format. I was so happy when Tandy announced their machine would actually be able to play 3 tones at the same time! (Sampled by Patrik Bergström)
And finally, last but least, here's the one-voice, IBM PC "tweaker" version from original, 1987, CGA, 2-floppy disk LSL1 as heard on most PCs of the day. This one really sucks!


Fan Versions

Here are just some of the arrangements of the Leisure Suit Larry theme and other music from the Larry games that fans have sent me.

Jan Zottmann created this version of the Larry Theme for his album Amiga Immortal 4. To make his version unique, he invited me to record the saxophone part. So here's me playing the Larry theme song. The "Immortal Project" consists of studio enhancements of classic game tunes from the late 80s and 90s on CD, involving the original artists whenever possible. Volume 4 is due out in Summer 2010.
Visit his website for the latest news on the project.
Jamie Boyer did this creative arrangement of Mike Dana's Theme from Nontoonyt Island. If you enjoy it as much as I think you will, check out his other music at The Russian Linesman.
Larry "Liontamer" Oji and Mattias Häggström Gerdt surprised me at Genericon 2008 with a remix of the Larry theme called, "Larry's Funky House of Lowe."
Kef Schecter programmed an 8-bit Nintendo NES to play the Leisure Suit Larry Theme. Talk about bringing back memories — listen to this!
Patti's Love Theme arranged and rerecorded by Andy Thorley is one of my favorites of all these fan arrangements!
Michael Dunlap wrote a song called "Get With It Sierra" that was featured on his first album, "Totally Michael." Listen to it here and then get more at his web site.
In November, 2006, Hat's Dirty Street Band (made up of members of the 25th Infantry Division Band of the United States Army) entered a contest for best recording of a song from a video game and won with their recording of the Leisure Suit Larry Theme! Check it out. It's got style!
Lars Vogel sent me his own arrangement and MP3 recording of the Nontoonite song.
Here's Larry's Theme by Billy Buzz.
Here's another version of Larry's Theme by Samuel Sahlieh.
Larry's Theme, MIDI format. This arrangement is by Tom Lewandowski, I believe. It starts out with a fairly traditional chorus, then breaks into full MIDI glory.
Jonathan Yalon of HebrewQuest (yes, that's a real site) made this MP3 of the Larry Theme.
Axes Denied is a Finnish band who recorded the Larry Theme live at the 2005 Jyrkka Festival. They are Larry fans as well. Visit their site.
Here's Eve's Theme from Larry 1 VGA remixed and rerecorded by Ben Baxter.
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