While I own the copyright to the Leisure Suit Larry Theme Song, I have agreed to share it with anyone for non-commercial usage. That means it's okay to program it into your phone as long as you don't sell it. Have fun!

(Yes I know these methods for adding ringtones are absolutely ancient, but I thought I would leave them here for 'sentimental' value) :)


I downloaded the Nokia ringtone composer and produced a text file which you may be able to download into your Nokia phone. If you succeed, please send me instructions how and I will include them here!

Anyway, here's the file I created:

LeisureSuitLarry:d=4,o=4,b=160:e5,f5,f#5,8g5,8a5,8e5,8g5,8p,8a5,8p,8e5,8g5, 8a5,8g5,2c6,8p,8a5,8c6,8g#5,8a5,8p,8c6,8p,8g#5,8a5,8c6,8d6,2d#6,8c6,e6,8e6, 8p,e6,8e6,8p,8e6,8d#6,8d6,2c#6,8a5,8d#6,8e6,8d#6,8e6,8c6,8d6,8p,c6

Ricky sent me these ringtones which he composed for his Nokia 3310:

Lounge Lizard #1:

8e1 4e1 8e1 4f1 8f1 4#f1 8#f1 4g1 8a1 4e1 4.g1 4.a1 8e1 4g1 8a1 4g1 4c2 2- 8#g1 4a1 8c2 4#g1 4.a1 4.c2 8#g1 4a1 8c2 4d2 4#d2 4- 4c2 8- 4.e2 8e2 4- 4.e2 8e2 4- 4e2 8#d2 4d2 2#c2 4.a1 4#d2 8e2 4#d2 8e2 4c2 4.d2 4c2

Lounge Lizard #2:

4.c2 4.b1 4.#a1 4a1 8#g1 4a1 8b1 4c2 8b1 4c2 8d2 4e2 8#d2 4e2 8f2 4.e2 4.c2
4d2 8#c2 4d2 8e2 4.d2 4.b1 4c2 8b1 4c2 8d2 4.c2 4e2 8- 4a1 8#g1 4a1 8b1 4c2
8b1 4c2 8d2 4e2 8#d2 4e2 8f2 4.e2 4.c2 8.e2 4.e2 8.e2 4.f2 4.#f2 8.g2


Sean Toomey sends along his version of the Leisure Suit Larry theme song for Motorola phones with a composer:


This string consists of notes, b/#, q=quarter, h=half, w=whole, and R=rest. 1=octave 1, 2=octave 2, 3=octave 3. Once a 1, 2, or 3 is entered, all the following notes will be in that octave until another 1, 2, or 3 is entered, etc.

"Eh Fh F#h Gq Aq Eh Gq Aq Eh Gq Aq Gq 3Cw 2Rh Aq 3Cq 2Gh Aq 3Cq G#h Aq 3Cq Dq D#q Rq Ch 3 Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Ebq Dq C#w 2Ah 3Eq Dq Eh Ch Dh Cw"


Older Motorola phones have a composer where you start out in an octave (1,2,3,4) and a + symbol before a length indicates a higher octave for that note only. Further, all notes have a number after them (1-6) that determines the length of the note, 1 is longest 6 is shortest.

"2 E2 F2 F#2 G4 A4 E2 G4 A4 E2 G4 A4 G4 C+1 R2 A4 C+4 G2 A4 C+4 G#2 A4 C+4 D4 D#4 R4 C2 E+2 E+2 E+2 E+2 E+2 Eb+2 D+4 C#+1 A2 E+4 D+4 E+2 C+2 D+2 C+1"

This is what you should see on your screens. The spaces between notes are not necessary, but make for easier reading.

Since not all Motorola phones are equal, consult your manual on the proper way to enter the strings.


Jamie Low (no relation!) sends along his Larry ringtones for his Ericsson cellphone. He says, 'The weird Ericsson notation is this: a single letter is a quarter note ("c"), a note followed by a period is a half note ("c."), and a capital letter is a whole note ("C"). The rests work the same way, but they use the letter "p". A "+" sign in front of a letter means an octave up ("+c").'

e. p f. p #f. p g p a e. g. p a. p e g. a g. +C p. p a p +c g. a. p +c. p g a. +c +d. +#d. p. +c. p +e. p +e. p +e. p +e. p +e. +#d +d p +#c. p. a. p +#d. +e +#d. +e +c. +d. p +c

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