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Here are a few "inside stories" about Leisure Suit Larry and the "good old days" at Sierra. I think you'll especially enjoy the radio broadcast below. Each item link is on the "Larry Menu" on this page!

Did you ever wonder exactly what Leisure Suit Larry 8: Lust in Space was going to be about? While my design was far from finished, here's how I intended the Larry story to continue. Read The Untold Plot of Larry 8!
Want to see what the artists used to create the Love for Sail! charcter animation? Check out the Larry 7 Character Sheets.

"Larry gets in the cockpit" is a true story about a flight where Ken Williams was ordered into the cockpit of a major airliner so the pilot could play Leisure Suit Larry!

Listen to "A Sierra Reunion," a broadcast from Ken Williams's former TalkSpot.com featuring many of the "old gang" from the good old days at Sierra OnLine, including Ken, Roberta, Al, the Two Guys from Andromeda, Jane Jensen and many more.

In the beginning, was… Softporn?

What really happened to Leisure Suit Larry 4?

Then why was Leisure Suit Larry 5 not numbered 4?

How we (re-)invented the Internet. The story of LarryLand.

Ever wonder just what the backgrounds of the games looked like before they got de-res'd into the games? They were beautiful. Check out the details on Lefty's Bar in this 3MB, 2668x1901 pixel JPG.

A favorite hack of mine from Leisure Suit Larry 3 that no one knows about.

Just how did a hunt-and-seek game end up in Love for Sail! Read The Legend of Dildo!

What Leisure Suit Larry 7 titles were considered but rejected?

And, hidden on the Music pages, the story of the creation of the Leisure Suit Larry Theme Song.

And lastly, why did I put myself in every game? I didn't, but...

Why is Al Lowe in all his own games?

Honestly, it wasn't my idea!

When artists have to create so many characters, it's rough to be entirely original, so they look at real people for inspiration. I was an easy mark, for the same reason that I loved putting Ken Williams (Sierra's founder and CEO during its successful period) in the games--we knew we wouldn't get sued!

But when Art Director Bil Skirvin put me up-front and clearly recognizible in Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!, I got the last laugh on him! You see, I have a friend named Art who looks so much like me that we're often mistaken for brothers.

So, rather than giving myself a "starring role" in Larry6, I just named that character Art, in honor of my friend--and pulling one on the artists' little joke!

Larry in the Cockpit

Once, when Ken Williams was on a five-hour flight from San Francisco to Montreal on Air Canada, he had a pre-release version of one of the Leisure Suit Larry games on his laptop. The flight attendant noticed, then started to watch him play, and soon was leaning over his shoulder laughing at all the jokes.

A little later, she returned to his seat and said, “The Captain would like to see your game.” So Ken carried his laptop into the cockpit and the Captain (a Larry fan) put the laptop on his lap and we chatted while he played.

Both he and the co-pilot were so entrenched in the game, Ken finally said, “Are you sure this is safe?” They assured him it was, but he was relieved when they stopped playing because the battery ran out.

Yes, children, the times really have changed!

Larry 7 Rejected Titles

Larry 7
Rejected Titles


The following titles (in no particular order) were all considered for Leisure Suit Larry 7, but rejected in favor of its final title, "Love For Sail!"


Leisure Suit Larry in “Yank Hers Away!”

Leisure Suit Larry in “Thar She Blows!”

“Leisure Suit Larry’s Half-Mast Adventure”

Leisure Suit Larry in “Ship Happens!”

Leisure Suit Larry in “Different Day, Same Ship”

Leisure Suit Larry in “Different Ship, Same Day”

Leisure Suit Larry in “A Shipload of Fun”

Leisure Suit Larry in “Up Your Anchor”

“Leisure Suit Larry’s Naval Exploits”

“Leisure Suit Larry Hoists His Yardarm”

Leisure Suit Larry in “Hoisting the Old Yardarm”

“Leisure Suit Larry Hides The Old Sea Cucumber”

“Leisure Suit Larry Lays Anchor”

Leisure Suit Larry in “Yo! Ho! Blow The Man Down!”

Leisure Suit Larry in “Blow The Man Down”

Leisure Suit Larry in “Blow Me Down”

Leisure Suit Larry in “Mutant He On The Bouncy”

Leisure Suit Larry in “Nautical But Nice!”

Leisure Suit Larry in “Das Boob”

Leisure Suit Larry in “Das Booty”

“Leisure Suit Larry’s Moby Dick”

Leisure Suit Larry in “Around the World in 80 Ways”

Leisure Suit Larry in “Around the World in 80 Lays”

“Leisure Suit Larry Gets His Sea Legs”

“Leisure Suit Larry Goes Cruising For Babes”

“Leisure Suit Larry Glances A Stern”

“Leisure Suit Larry Boards His Dinghy”

“Leisure Suit Larry Lands A Ho!”

“Leisure Suit Larry Takes An Enormous Ship”

“Leisure Suit Larry Hoists His Rubber Dinghy “

“Leisure Suit Larry, Proud Little Seaman”

“Leisure Suit Larry Fills His Rubber Dinghy With Seaman”

"Leisure Suit Larry Finds Himself In Deep Ship"

Leisure Suit Larry in “The Lust Boat”

“Leisure Suit Larry Goes Down With The Ship”

“Leisure Suit Larry Spots The Submarine”

Leisure Suit Larry in “Chicks Ahoy!”


Dildoes collected by Skull and Seki.

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