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You May Be From Wisconsin if…

You end your sentences with “ain’a,” as “We should get us a coupla cold brews, aina?”

You call potatoes “betatahs.”

Your favorite drink is brandy.

You regularly call bratwursts “brats.”

You call a beer a brew, brewha, brewski, brewster, suds, barley-pop, barley-soda, golden foamy, or a malted mother’s milk.

You call a drinking fountain a “bubbler.”

You’ve ever eaten a “cannibal sandwich” (raw ground sirloin on dark rye, covered with raw onion).

You consider yourself a cheesehead.

You’ve ever attended a coffee-klutch.

You’ve ever said “It’s cooler by the lake” in response to a comment about summer weather.

You think fondly when you smell heifer mist.

You know that “Fibber” is short for F*¢king Illinois Bastards, those from “south of the border” who drive like wild maniacs on their way to the Dells.

You would never confuse frozen custard with soft-serve ice cream.

You have friends who are “gemutlichkeit.”

You think that imported beer is any beer not made in Milwaukee.

You know what a kettle moraine is.

You’ve ever called milk, “moo juice.”

You eat pasties (meat, potatoes, and vegetables baked inside a pie crust).

You’ve dunked a schneck in your coffee.

You’ve ever gone netting for smelt fry.

You call carbonated soft drinks, “sodas.”

You’ve ever played sheepshead.

You call traffic signals “stop ‘n’ go lights.”

You’ve ever uttered the phrase “uff-da.”

You’ve ever gone “up north” for vacation.

You know “uppers” come from Michigan’s upper peninsula.

You know that “Wisconsin winter” lasts 9 months. (The other 3 months are called “road construction season!”)

You know the only proper answer to “Hey, wanna brewski?” is “Ya Der Hey!”

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