Freddie HeadshotI wrote the music for the Freddy "Ballad" and ended up singing it on the CD version of the game. To hear the MP3 and read the lyrics (hell, you could even sing along if you want to!) to The Ballad Of Freddy Pharkas, use the menu to the right, you can also find the closing ballad. Yes, that's me singing again. (Some people never learn!)

All the rest of the rather extensive musical score was written by Aubrey Hodges and is, of course, copyright 1992 by Sierra On-line, Inc.

While you might think that Sierra's vast labyrinthian archives would contain every smidgen of every game they ever published, you would be dead wrong. In fact, I had to obtain these from QUEST STUDIOS, which must be the Web's most complete treasury of Sierra MIDI game music. They were all recorded and converted to Standard MIDI File format by Tom Lewandowski. If you haven't visited there, go now!

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Those of you die-hards who still have your Roland MT-32 synthesizers may want to visit Quest Studios' Roland MT-32 Sound Module Resource Center.

NOTE: if you click the links to the songs below, you will hear them. You can also download the files to your hard disk by right-clicking a link and choosing "Save Target As..." or something similar from the menu.

These are all in MIDI format and use any standard General MIDI sound device (Wave Table recommended), and were enhanced for the SB32/AWE32/64.

The Ballad Of Freddy Pharkas (MIDI version; no vocal, of course)

Pharmacy Workbench

Saloon Alley
My Sweet Cranky 'Ol Mom
When You Say Blood
Zircon Jim's Theme (i. e., "The Leisure Suit Larry Theme Song")
Closing Scenes and Credits