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You May Need
A Vacation if…

The last time you took a vacation to the Grand Canyon, it was a shallow ditch with a creek running through it.

The radiation from your monitor has burnt your shadow onto the wall.

You wake up hoping that the pain in your gut is appendicitis so you can have abdominal surgery and can miss work.

You answer your home phone using the company's name.

You dial "9" from your home phone to get an outside line.

Your accumulated vacation hours would allow you to retire 10 years early.

The vending machine asks, "Want the usual?"

You wake up in a hotel room on a business trip and have no idea where your are or why.

You don't steer your car while driving to the office because it knows the way itself.

Your computer has been upgraded twice since you took your last vacation.

You find yourself shouting, "Honey, I'm home!" when you arrive at your cubicle in the morning.

Your children put your picture on milk cartons.

You dream about your job.

You run your ID badge through the mail slot in your front door and wonder why the door doesn't open.

Antacid tablets are your primary source of nutrition.

Your cubicle is better decorated than your home.

The janitor vacuums you in the evenings.

You attempt to log in to your microwave oven.

The last message in your "Out of Office" reply says you will return on a date that occurred three years ago.

You feel your work is terribly important.