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You May Be From
The 21st Century If…


The reason you give for not staying in touch with someone is, "They don't have e-mail!"

Your family of three has fifteen phone numbers.

Your grandmother emails you requesting a JPEG of your newborn for her web site.

You use your cell phone to tell your friends you're approaching their driveway to pick them up and instead of walking to the front door and ringing their doorbell.

You wonder why a TV commercial doesn't include the company's web site address.

Your three-month-old computer "feels too slow."

You panic when you realize that you left your cell phone at home.

You turn around and drive home to get it.

Your first instinct is to "beam" your business card instead of "give" it.

You refuse to drink coffee without a WiFi connection.

You hate to use cash because of the advance planning necessary.

You've ever entered your PIN on your microwave.

You think second-day air delivery is painfully slow.

During conversations with real people, you find yourself wishing for a fast forward button.

Your dining room table is a flat filing cabinet.

You find yourself explaining to other men why you now carry a purse.

You see your six-month-old computer on an infomercial, selling for half what you paid.

You hear more jokes via e-mail than in person.

You keep the extra phone line after you get broadband service "in case we both get a call."

Your concept of being organized is multiple-colored Post-Its.

You grow tense when you're off-line for more than 24 hours.

You wonder how anyone would watch TV without surround sound.

You check email before your first cup of coffee.

Your house is war-tagged.

You go to the bathroom at 3 AM and check your email on your way back to bed.

You tilt your head sideways to smile. :-)

You miss something somebody said and your thumb reaches for your TiVo's "back up 8 seconds" button.

You're reading this while nodding and laughing.

Even worse, by now you've made a mental Fwd: list for this!