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You May Be an Alien if…

You have to buy Visine in half gallon bottles because of your huge black eyes.

Your entire head was cut off in your Senior picture.

You see Elvis more times a day than Shirley McClain.

Your ZIP code is anywhere in the Bermuda Triangle.

You watch a CBS made for TV movie and understand it.

Instead of writing your girlfriend's name on a water tower, you write it over a one-mile radius on a barley field.

You believe the bloody-glove planting theory in the OJ trial.

Everything in your house is made like Rubbermaid.

You sat through Coneheads without regretting it.

Your footprints are often thought to have belonged to deer.

You are finding this list funny.

You often find yourself going to the hardware store to find light green paint to use as make-up.