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Why Computer Games Are Better Than Life

By Greg McDonell, veteran gamer

The worst criticism gamers face tends to be something like, "Get a life!", strangely enough often made by people who play golf. As a pastime, I have to say gaming has a lot going for it. At its best you can be intellectually challenged, enriched with knowledge about the world, and perhaps enjoy interacting with other people, albeit via the Internet. At its worst, well, at least you aren't hurting anybody.

In games I can always reload and try again. In real life I can only apologise.

Playing a game can look just like working. Depending on whether my boss can see my screen.

If somebody disses me in a game, I can wreak havoc on their butt. In real life, I'd probably run away.

If I don't like a game, I can play another one. In real life my wife objects to this philosophy.

Games have manuals.

Computer games justify my need for a faster PC. In real life, nobody types fast enough to require 3 Ghz.

In a computer game, I can beat Tiger Woods. In real life I need to carry spare balls.

If a game is too hard, I can turn down the difficulty setting.

If I am overly stressed or running out of time in a game, I can hit the pause button.

At the end of a good game, I know there will probably be a sequel.

Is all this true? Of course not! Get out in the sun. Talk to your spouse. Play with the kids. Walk a beach. Anything really, just leave me here in peace. With my PC. And this new game!