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Second Thoughts
About Cybersex?

When I received this, it was purported to be a true story, but according to my heroes of the Net,, it is fiction. (Whew!) But it may well serve as a warning.

A college junior at CU Boulder (let's call her Jen) was a computer science major. One Friday evening, soon after she broke up with her boyfriend, she was home alone for the first time in years. Sad, alone and depressed, she entered a sex chat room. She met a guy named "Jeremy," told him her name was "Katie," and the two of them got into some detail about what she would like to do to him and what he would like to do to her. Soon they were having full-fledged cybersex. When they had followed things to their natural conclusion, she signed off, agreeing to meet him again the next night.

Saturday night, "Katie" and "Jeremy" went at it again, becoming even closer. This went on for a week. At the end of the week, they started talking about other things, getting into very intimate issues and feelings. They became close, sharing their lives. Jen didn't tell him she was in college, afraid she'd sound immature. She felt a little guilty, but after another few weeks, she really liked this guy.

The two of them continued like this for months. The months turned into a year. By the end of the year, they had exchanged the most intimate thoughts imaginable and yet had never spoken on the phone, afraid of ruining the mystery. They had done everything sexually possible on Net and were affectionate too, waiting for the day when they could be together. Finally, they decided they waited long enough. They were in love and had to meet. They promised not to care about age or looks or anything but each other.

Jeremy told Jen he thought she could be his next wife. Jen was wary at first, but decided she didn't care how old he was or how ugly he was, he was the only one she could feel comfortable with. She loved him for his inner self.

And so, they planned a weekend trip to Vail. They would spend the weekend together and finally meet face-to-face. Rather than finding each other by exchanging photographs, or meeting in a bar, Jen suggested that they meet in their hotel room. That way there will be no mistakes. Jeremy agreed.

Jen arrived at the resort first and checked into the room, telling the desk clerk she was expecting another person and to give him a key. She wanted everything to be perfect, so she lit a few candles, put on some soft music, stripped naked and climbed into bed to surprise Jeremy when he arrived. Soon she heard a key in the door, the door opened, and she whispered, "Jeremy?" Jeremy responded, "Katie?" "Yes!" she replied, flipping open the covers Jeremy flipped on the lights to see Jen lying naked on the bed.

There were two bloodcurdling screams! Jen pulled the covers over her head and in a humiliated voice said, "Dad?" Jeremy said, "JEN!"

Remember: this really did happen. Their lives will never be the same.