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Rejected Titles for Bill Clinton's Book

Sex Between The Bushes

From Bags to Bitches

As The World Interns

Sex, Lies, and Videotape

The Meaning of IS

Pardon Me

White Trash in the White House

The Oval Orifice

Bill Clinton & the Oral Office

How to Get a Head in Politics

Americans & Blue Dresses: Taking Them to the Cleaners

Devil with the Blue Dress On

Let's Spend the Night Together

Blowing in the Wind

The Wizard Of IS

Bill Clinton's Term: Blow by Blow

What I Mean IS

White Lies in the White House

From White Trash to White House

Diversity in Interns

How To Enjoy A Cheap Cigar

You Can't Fool All of the People, but You Can Fool Enough

The Democratic Hand Book

Pardon Me While I Skirt the Truth

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

View from an Environmentalist: Save A Tree, Eat A Beaver

Preschool Edition: I Did Not Have "Snacks" With That Woman

From Here To Perjury

Let Me Make This Perfectly Clear, I Did Not Have Sex With Those Women

White House Whoopee

Notepads To Knee Pads

Close But No Cigar

Between the Ears of an Intern

The Art of Manipulation

Cigar Smoke Is Not the Only Thing Being Blown in the White House

Adventures of Dollar Bill

How to Get A Head in the Presidency

Freed Willie