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Funny Book Titles

I Win! by U. Lose

Robots by Anne Droid

Danger! by Luke Out

Cloning by Irma Dubble II

Hot Dog! by Frank Furter

Cry Wolf by Al Armist

Wake Up! by Sal Ammoniac

I'm Fine by Howard Yu

Gambling by Monty Carlos

Mensa Man by Gene Yuss

Big Fart! by Hugh Jass

Hypnotism by N. Tranced

Downpour! by Wayne Dwops

Full Moon by Seymour Buns

Sea Birds by Al Batross

Teach Me! by I. Wanda Know

I Say So! by Frank O. Pinion

Tug of War by Paul Hard

Surprised! by Omar Gosh

Beekeeping by A. P. Arry

Good Works by Ben Evolent

Golly Gosh! by G. Whiz

It's Magic! by Sven Gali

April Fool! by Sue Prize

Come on in! by Doris Open

Parachuting by Hugo First

Get Moving! by Sheik Aleg

I Like Fish by Ann Chovie

Leo Tolstoy by Warren Peace

May Flowers by April Showers

Pain Relief by Ann L. Gesick

It's Unfair! by Y. Me

Armed Heists by Robin Banks

How to Annoy by Aunt Agonize

Racketeering by Dennis Court

I Love Wills by Benny Fishery

Stop Arguing by Xavier Breath

Sofa so Good by Chester Field

Riel Ambush! by May T. Surprise

Falling Trees by Tim Burr

Monkey Shines by Bob Boone

Why Cars Stop by M.T. Tank

Turtle Racing by Eubie Quick

Military Rule by Marshall Law

I Like Liquor by Ethyl Alcohol

I Love Crowds by Morris Merrier

The Yellow River, by I. P. Freely

Off To Market by Tobias A. Pigg

A Great Plenty by E. Nuff

Mosquito Bites by Ivan Itch

My Lost Causes by Noah Veil

Grave Mistakes by Paul Bearer

Get Out There! by Sally Forth

Red Vegetables by B. Troot

Irish Flooring by Lynn O'Leum

Highway Travel by Dusty Rhodes

It's a Shocker by Alec Tricity

Keep it Clean! by Armand Hammer

I Hit the Wall by Isadore There

Ship Mysteries by Marie Celeste

I Hate the Sun by Gladys Knight

It's a Holdup! by Nick R. Elastic

He Disappeared! by Otto Sight

I Hate Fighting by Boris Hell

Mexican Revenge by Monty Zuma

I Didn't Do It! by Ivan Alibi

Life in Chicago by Wendy City

Without Warning by Oliver Sudden

Pain in My Body by Otis Leghurts

Desert Crossing by I. Rhoda Camel

Candle-Vaulting by Jack B. Nimble

Happy New Year! by Mary Christmas

You're Kidding! by Shirley U. Jest

Webster's Words by Dick Shunnary

Those Funny Dogs by Joe Kur

Wind Instruments by Tom Bone

Winning the Race by Vic Tree

Crocodile Dundee by Ali Gator

Covered Walkways by R. Kade

I Need Insurance by Justin Case

Whatchamacallit! by Thingum Bob

Let's Do it Now! by Igor Beaver

I'm Someone Else by Ima Nonymous

Animal Illnesses by Ann Thrax

He's Contagious! by Lucas Measles

The Great Escape by Freida Convict

Music of the Sea by Lawrence Whelk

Breaking the Law by Kermit A. Krime

Cooking Spaghetti by Al Dente

Smart Beer Making by Bud Wiser

Good Housekeeping by Lottie Dust

Mountain Climbing by Andover Hand

Theft and Robbery by Andy Tover

Equine Leg Cramps by Charlie Horse

The Lion Attacked by Claudia Armoff

Poetry in Baseball by Homer

I Love Mathematics by Adam Up

Exercise on Wheels by Cy Kling

Measles Collision! by Kay Rash

Unsolved Mysteries by N. Igma

I Lived in Detroit by Helen Earth

Lots of Excitement by Hugh N. Cry

String Instruments by Viola Player

Outdoor Activities by Alf Resco

Maritime Disasters by Andrea Doria

Smash His Lobster! by Buster Crabbe

The Unknown Rodent by A. Nonny Mouse

In the Arctic Ocean by Isa Berg

Perverted Mushrooms by M. Morel

Modern Tree Watches by Anna Log

Noise is Forbidden! by Nada Loud

I Must Fix the Car! by Otto Doit

Snakes of the World by Anna Conda

The Housing Problem by Rufus Quick

Artificial Clothing by Polly Ester

More for Your Money by Max Amize

If I Invited Him... by Woody Kum

Two Thousand Pounds! by Juan Ton

Assault with Battery by Eva Ready

Gunslingers with Gas by Wyatt Urp

Soak Your Ex-Husband by Ali Money

And the Other People by Allan Sundry

Overweight Vegetables by O. Beets

A Trip to the Dentist by Yin Pain

Mineralogy for Giants by Chris Tall

Bring to the Grocer's by R. List

Almost Missed the Bus by Justin Time

My Life in the Gutter by Yves Trough

Things to Cook Meat In by Stu Potts

Los Angeles Pachyderms by L.A. Funt

Clothes for Germ Kings by Mike Robes

Tyrant of the Potatoes by Dick Tater

I Hate Monday Mornings by Gaetan Oop

The Fall of a Watermelon by S. Platt

Pull with All You've Got! by Eve Ho

I Love Fractions by Lois C. Denominator

Military Defeats by Major Disaster and General Mayhem

Judging Fast Food by Warren Berger

I Lost My Balance by Eileen Dover and Paul Down

House Construction by Bill Jerome Holme

Kangaroo Illnesses by Marcus Wallaby, M.D.

Exotic Irish Plants by Phil O'Dendron

Musical Gunfighters by The Okay Chorale

A Whole Lot of Cats by Kitt N. Caboodle

I Work with Diamonds by Jules Sparkle

Lawyers of Suffering by Grin and Barrett

Flogging in the Army by Corporal Punishment

Errors and Accidents by Miss Takes and Miss Haps

Christmas for Baldies by Yule Brynner

Where to Find Islands by Archie Pelago

French Overpopulation by Francis Crowded

How to Tour the Prison by Robin Steele

I Like Weeding Gardens by Manuel Labour

Who Killed Cock Robin? by Howard I. Know

The Effects of Alcohol by Sir Osis of Liver

Daddy are We There Yet? by Miles Away

The Excitement of Trees by I. M. Board

No More Circuit Breakers! by Ira Fuse

You're a Bundle of Laughs by Vera Funny

The Industrial Revolution by Otto Mattick

Artificial Weightlessness by Andy Gravity

The Palace Roof has a Hole by Lee King

Ecclesiastical Infractions by Cardinal Sin

Preaching to Hell's Angels by Pastor Redlight

Songs from 'South Pacific' by Sam and Janet Evening

I Was a Cloakroom Attendant by Mahatma Coate

Fifty Yards to the Outhouse by Willy Makit; Foreward by Betty Wont

Foot Problems of Big Lumberjacks by Paul Bunion