I've been working on this book, off and on (although mostly off!) for years. I promise that when (if?) I ever get it finished, it'll be all over this site!

"You've Got Laughs!" Al Lowe's Big Book of Internet Humor may not win the world's shortest title award, but it is guaranteed to make you laugh or you can just give it to somebody who actually has a sense of humor!

During the 16 years since I joined CompuServe in order to beta-test Leisure Suit Larry 1, I have received literally thousands of humorous e-mails from friends. I kept maybe 10% of them. Still, my hard disk is jammed full of stuff that makes me laugh.

I think it will make you laugh, too!

Understand: everything here (and in the book) is wholly un-original. I didn't write it. I claim no copyright or ownership. All I claim is: it made me laugh! 

That said, I did work hard tightening the jokes, editing everything, correcting the generally dismal spelling and punctuation. 

If you like any of them, feel free to send them on to your friends. I'd appreciate you including the byline that says where you found them, so they can come here and find a few of their own.

Of course, the whole idea here is to make you laugh so hard you'll lose all control and immediately order my book! Payment plans, barter requests, Flagship Merchant Services and exchanges of magic beans will all be sorted out once the book is written and available for sale. After all the anticipation makes the book worth the wait! At least I hope so.