Troubleshooting Freddy

Doug McGarvey was kind enough to document how he got the game to run in the hopes that it might help others. Thanks, Doug!

    1. Download the freeware program DOSBox, which acts as an x86 emulator under Windows, Linux, BeOS, etc., and install it.
    2. Install the DOS version of FPFP normally.
    3. Be sure the CD-ROM is in the drive before you start to play.
    4. Run DOSBox.
    5. Mount your drives. If you installed the game to its default path, C:\SIERRA\FPFPCD\, and your CD-ROM drive is drive D:\, then you would use this:

mount c c:\sierra\fpfpcd
mount d d:\

    1. Now go to "drive C" (which is actually the game's directory) and run the game like this:


I hope it works for you, too!